Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting Prepped

Today and tonight I'm getting myself ready for a big event. Perhaps after you see my picture below, you may be able to guess exactly what the event is.

And certainly, after you see this next picture, you will for sure know what the big event is.

I've never had a colonoscopy before. From all that I've been told, the preparation is way worse than the actual test. I'm on a liquid diet today. It's such a funny thing how you don't pay much attention to hunger because you know that you can satisfy that hunger whenever you want. Maybe you don't get to eat Little Debbie Nuttie Bars, but you know you can have a piece of fruit or SOMETHING. When you know you can't have ANYTHING to eat, it seems impossible to ignore those same hunger pangs.

Tonight at 5 o'clock is when the real fun begins. Hence, the need for the new Southern Living magazine. I'll likely be in a seated position a good bit this evening, so a new magazine to read should help pass the time.

There is no worry about anything being seriously wrong. I've been having some abdominal pain and they want to rule out anything other than a spastic colon. I've had that for years.

So are y'all believers in miracles? I sure am. If you've been keeping up with Joanne, then you too are witnessing a miracle right before your eyes! Her husband has been updating her blog and just a few hours ago he posted that she is breathing on her own for the first time since she came to the hospital!!! The power of prayer never ceases to amaze me! She is an amazing woman, as you can see from her blog, and God obviously has more for her to do here!
And one other thing. I took this picture just a few minutes ago. We still have one little spot in our yard with snow! Two weeks and this snow has been on the ground.
That hardly happens this far south. I've always heard if the snow stays on the ground for more than three days, then you'll get more snow that season. We'll see. Sure hope it doesn't snow when we are supposed to go to the deer land. It did last year, remember?
Okay, gals, that's all I've got for today. Till next time... I leave you with this: Hunger pangs are used to describe the contractions of your empty stomach as it expresses its great upset in being left unfed. Mine is expressing itself big time!


Theresa said...

OH GIRL, Been there:) The actual procedure was easy peasy but the prep wasn't fun! You know that from everyone else that has had it! Just think of pleasant things and I'll pray you have a better experience this evening than the rest of us!

I get up first thing every morning to check in on Joanne! She is amazing and God is truly bringing her back... slowly! It is sweet proof that prayer works!

Love you bunches and hope all is well with your sweet colon! HUGS! Auntie T

Tracy said...

Ohh Girl! My Momma has been there! I remember the prep was way worse, just like you said. She still will not drink Gatorade to this day! I hope all goes well and you get a clean bill of health...from the inside out! ..sorry. I could not resist! :)
Amazing news about Joanne. That is so wonderful! Enjoy your magazine this evening.

di2009 said...

I am getting ready to have my second colonoscopy. The first one was 6 years ago, and the Dr says it is time for another one. I was dreading it so bad. However, I remember being taken back, and counting backwards. The next thing I knew, my husband was waking me up. I asked him how much longer it would be. He said I was done. I couldn't remember a thing. I encourage everyone to have one as needed, and not be afraid. Best of luck tomorrow!

suzanne said...

Good look Telly! I know you will be shiny like a new dime inside!
Love you :0)

Joyce said...

Praying all is easy and looks great!
I am an avid Joanne follower too. The miracles bring tears to my eyes. God is so good! What an amazing husband she has, too.
Hugs to you!!!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Kelly, I will say a prayer for you ~ no it isn't fun & yes the prep is the worst part...I have had two in the last 4 months :@ my daddy passed away from colon cancer & I had a problem in SEptember and had to to go back in December for a repeat :/ I'm sending hugs & prayers your way!!!! I'll be thinking of you!!!