Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amaryllis by Christmas

This time of year I force amaryllis bulbs so they'll be in bloom by Christmas. Last year it bloomed on Valentine's Day. It grew as tall as a cornstalk and only had one flower. I check on their progress every day and you can literally see them grow. They're fun and beautiful, especially when they do right.

I remember one year I had forced one and it was absolutely gorgeous. My PaPa Howell was at my house for my dad's annual birthday supper. He commented that he had never seen a flower so pretty. It was a dark red one.

I checked a to-do off my Holiday To Do List. I bought these amaryllis bulbs Sunday and started them today.

The last two years they haven't done well for me. In the past I've planted them in a pot with the dirt supplied with the bulb. This time I'm doing something a little different. I read that you can force the bulbs without dirt just by using these.

I'm using tall vases hoping that they'll help support the tall stem. I put about three inches of the river pebbles in each vase.

The bulbs that you buy have lots of dead, dry roots on them. Pull those off.

Then set your bulb down in the vase, root first. Duh. Sprinkle a few more pebbles around the bulb for support.

Then add water. Very important for the water not to touch the actual bulb. It could cause it to rot.
Place them in a warm, sunny window. At night I'll probably move them away from the window because I don't want them to get chilly.
Hopefully, if all goes as planned, I'll have three beautiful amaryllis by Christmas. I like the vase on the left in the picture. The one without the ripples. I like the look of the bulb in the glass.
Oh, and don't worry. I'll keep you updated on their progress. I become a little obsessed with them. Okay, so a lot. Gah. So easy and so beautiful!
On another subject. Have any of you ever been to a dentist office three days out of five? After tomorrow I will have. As y'all know, I get migraines. They've been coming a lot more frequently and I couldn't really understand why. I also have this tooth that's been bothering me, but I put it way back on the back burner. I have a severe phobia of dentists. That's another topic for another day. Maybe one day I'll really elaborate on that phobia. It's pretty funny actually.
Anyway, the tooth that's been hurting is a tooth that has had a root canal and a crown on it already. If the root canal had been done correctly, I shouldn't be feeling anything in the tooth, especially PAIN.
The dentist told me Tuesday that the root canal wasn't done right and that there are still nerves in there, thus the pain. And upon his examination and x-rays, he discovered that the tooth two away from it is abscessed. Say what? It has a crown on it, but not a root canal. So today I get the pleasure of having not one, but TWO root canals. This isn't good news for a girl who breaks out in a cold sweat merely walking in the door of the dentist office. I've had two C-sections, a hysterectomy and kidney stones. I do believe going to the dentist is worse than any of those.
On the positive side, I'm hoping that maybe my headaches will let up and I'm excited I'll be able to drink cold drinks without feeling like someone's drilling through my skull.
Haven't gone out for any jobs this week. It's been uncharacteristically slow. I've learned to enjoy the slow days because they give me a chance to catch my breath.
I've got a fun day planned for Friday. Suz, Nan and I are going to Lenox to shop and have lunch. I can't wait. With those two I know it's gonna be a blast! We're going to do our part to stimulate the economy. Hoping to buy a few Christmas gifts.
Till tomorrow, when I'll have full details of my dentist visit, Live. Love. Laugh. I'd rather be going for a pap or mammogram. Ugh.


Cindy Lou said...

Oh I hate the dentist real bad too! But love to have pretty teeth! Good luck and I hope it takes care of those headaches!! Love you!!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

I can't wait to see how your flowers turn out. I grew some one year and they really are pretty. Maybe I will jump on and grow some! Flowers in Winter are always welcome! Hope your problems are solved with this visit to the Doctor. Let us know! Love ya!

Theresa said...

I have that dentist phobia too. I had the root canal last year and it wasn't as bad as cleaning to me. Hope all your problems are solved and I will think of my Daddy's comment about the amaryllis every time I see one:) Thanks for sharing!

Love you, Auntie T

billypandnikkysmom said...

Good luck with the dentist, I don't like them either :( & Good luck with your plants ~ I'd love to see pictures when they bloom! Tkae care & have a wonderful night!

Stepping said...

I have always wanted to try my hand at an Amaryllis (not to be confused with Amarillo, which is near me). I am going to get brave and get me a couple tomorrow and start them. Keep us posted so I will know if I am doing things right. Thanks and good luck at the dentist.

jennifer said...

Thanks for the reminder Kelly. I need to go buy my bulbs. I LOVE the Amaryllis.

I hope that you have a great weekend.

wendy said...

how funny. That title had me singing Amarillo by Morning (country tune that I am sure you know )
I have not had success with "said" flower. But I have little success with anything I try to grow. I'll try again using this strategy.

Sorry about you headaches and going to the dentist is much like hanging out with Satan.

Painting, you really did loose your mind. I HATE painting. It is so much work, the preparation and clean up.

and I want me some Chicken dumplings girl.

midlife slices said...

OOhh....thanks for the bulb reminder. I too love fresh flowers at Chrismas and my Christmas Cactus is all screwed up and blooms in the summer. Now I must go find some bulbs and try your rock method. Good luck at the dentist!!