Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Morning

I love Thanksgiving morning. I love the smells coming from my kitchen. I love the quiet in the house. And I love to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

When my boys were little, I would watch the parade while reading the ads for the big shopping day Friday. I would hurry out early in the morning to make sure I got my Thanksgiving Day paper. At times they would be hard to find and I never wanted to miss out on anything. I don't even buy a paper now. I'm sure that it's filled with coupons and such, but I usually accidentally leave my coupons at home, which stresses me out.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has such interesting facts. The picture I posted above is from the parade in 1941. This was the Thanksgiving before Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7th. This was the last year the patriot was used. He was donated to the World War II effort. The parade wasn't held in during the war. The balloons were deflated and donated to the War effort. Some of the floats tower 10 stories above the street. Macy's is the second highest user of helium. Who knew?

Anyway, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade definitely is a tradition for me. It is the perfect start to Thanksgiving Day. That and a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which, by the way, will be on TV tonight. Do y'all have any little things that you do that are traditional for you?

Okay. Gotta go stir my mac and cheese. Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving, that your turkeys are perfectly golden and moist. That your pies are creamy and spiced just right. That your potatoes have no lumps. And that your rolls rise to perfection! But most of all, that you get to enjoy your traditions with family and friends.


suzanne said...

Wow! Interesting Macy's Parade facts. Eli has been very into it this year. His teacher told the class all about it. He thought the parade may be over at Mall of Georgia Macy's!
Quit acting like an old grumpy and just buy a dang newspaper. You're gonna wish you had one tomorrow when you want one of those 10 dollar off coupons. Ha!
Love you and I'm very, very Thankful for you and your family :0)

Theresa said...

I love it all, especially when all is done and we are having our dinner. The preparation is sometimes stressful:) I have all my stuff done, casseroles ready to go in the oven and hungry already! Tell Ed and Jean "HI and Happy Thanksgiving" from me! Love you!

wendy said...

I will certainly miss my American Thanksgiving ---but I have talked to all the kids this morning.

That was very interesting history about the Macey's Parade. WOW, imagine that photo having been taken just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Kinda eerie.


Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving to you, too!!!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Loved your post! God Bless!

Cindy Lou said...

What an interesting post...never knew those facts about the Parade!! I love every part of Thanksgiving! Well any holiday to be honest!!! I didn't get a sale paper either...I may regret it in the morning too!! You have fun and enjoy your day!! I love you!!

Joyce said...

Loved your post.... very interesting. I've always loved the parade... even the noise of if playing in the background as I clean or cook. Glad you had a good thanksgiving! ;D

Nana said...

Love the parade too. Something to watch while I am cooking.

Hope your day was great.

Missy said...

Great facts! My potatoes had lumps!