Friday, July 17, 2009

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I take a lot of pictures. No, really, I take A. LOT. OF. PICTURES. Some of them are good, some of them aren't. Unless they're just black and you can't see anything, I always order them. There's just something about deleting someone's face that bothers me. I feel like it means I don't like them or something. So unless the picture is useless, I buy it.

I print all of my pictures. I have a really good Canon printer and it prints amazingly good pictures. Sometimes it's just easier to pay someone and let them do it. In the past I've used Snapfish. Lately, I haven't been pleased at all with their work.

So I made the switch to Shutterfly.
Do any of you use Shutterfly? I've seen some of their prints and they seem to be better than Snapfish does. I shall see. Because this is what I did yesterday.

1007 4x6 Print (glossy)
25 4x6 Print (glossy)
213 4x6 Print (glossy)

And yes, you did read that correctly. I uploaded ALL of my 2009 pictures to Shutterfly and then ordered them. It was 1,245 pictures. It literally took 10 hours to get them all uploaded.

Normally, being OCD in most things, and being extremely OCD about my pictures, I upload them to where I'm ordering them from and go ahead and order them the next day after I've made the picture. This is what I SAY DO. What I DID DO was not order them until I had 1,245 pictures. Bad, bad girl.

Do you always print your pictures? I'm a hands-on kinda gal. I like holding a photo album (or as is my case, a box of pictures) and actually looking at the picture. And what's going to happen generations from now when all your pictures are on your computer? Whose gonna know if you're not around to tell them. I'm just a print-your-picture advocate I guess. Besides, there are some really great photo albums out there. It's going to be fun picking out albums for all 1,245 of my pictures. When in the world am I going to have time to put them in it? I don't know either, but I'm going to. DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO.

Till tomorrow.


Tracychele said...

I have a really great printer too! You did just give me something to think about, though. I guess I should be printing more pics. I have them on the computer and saved over to a hard drive as well, but don't print them as much. Maybe I will now... I have never used those services online. I have always used Wolf Camera (that is who Mom uses). They are expensive, but great pics. Hey, thanks for the kind words and prayers for Alex. She is doing better every day! I hope this will be gone soon! Have a wonderful Week-End!!

Theresa said...

You know since I started blogging (that would be your fault:)... I don't print as many pictures as I did pre-blogging. I think I have about 1700 on my little camera that is my blogging camera. Let me know how that turns out with the new service and oh yea, how much did that cost? Anna made a hard cover bound book using one of the services for Richard and it was really nice. You pick the pictures and captions and they print it.

Love you and have a great weekend!!!!

jennifer said...

You REALLY DO take a lot of pictures. I haven't used any of the online photo developing services. I may give it a try too.

Dena said...

I've not counted mine, but like you, I take a bazillion pictures! I print one months worth at a time. I keep "meaning" to scrap book them all. I should just get them into albums though and call it good.

Laura said...

After reading your post, I immediately added 'get pictures printed' to my to do list.

Thank you for the reminder!