Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is my Aunt Theresa, her husband Marc and daughter Anna. Anna's husband, Richard, had a stroke this morning and is partially paralyzed right now. They don't know anything much more at this point, but he has a clot on his brain and they've given a shot to dissolve it. As you can see from the picture, this beautiful family includes two little girls. They need prayers. I believe in the power of prayer more than anything else in this world. I've seen firsthand what it can do. I'm asking any and everyone who reads this to take a moment and lift them up.

I really, really do appreciate it. I'll update my blog as soon as hear word from Theresa.



Joyce said...

I'm praying!

suzanne said...

Definitely praying for strength for all of them. So scary!

Cindy Lou said...

Just got a text from Theresa and Richard is much better! Most of the paralized side has come back! Artery looks good!!! Thanks for prayers!!!

Nana said...

Enough said! I am praying for that beautiful family. I too have seen what prayer can do. I just read Cindy Lou's comment. I hope everything does come back so he can live a normal healthy life.

I know many of us are of different faiths, but their is only one God and he loves us all. He hears our prayers and is watching over your family at this time.

Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

They will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

doublegranny said...

Prayer is such a wonderful thing. A connection between a person like me and my God. He is able to do anything if you ask in his name!!!!I love you all.Have the faith and believe!!!!!!!!