Saturday, July 25, 2009

Salsa Saturday

Today's Salsa Saturday for A Girl Named Kelly Kelly. I'm heading over to Nan's around noon to get busy. Even though I'm not very good in the kitchen -- partially because I don't like making a mess -- this is the way I hope to be looking at noon.
I got my tomatoes ready the other night and froze them. I froze 20 cups of peeled and chopped tomatoes. You should've seen the huge mess in my kitchen. Tomato juice and tomato seeds everywhere. The juice came right up, the seeds not so much. They turn into cement when they dry out.

The recipe that we'll be going by calls for a TON of stuff. And it all has to be chopped up. Thank goodness she has a food processor. I really hate chopping. She's made some of her amazing pimento cheese for us to have for lunch, so I'm looking forward to that. That's my second favorite sandwich. After tomato, of course.

Most of the kids around here start back to school either on the 3rd of August or the 10th. I can't believe their summer vacation is almost over. It makes me kinda sad. I know as a mom I should be glad, but it makes me sad because it makes the kids unhappy. Cam will be a junior, so he's going to have to really buckle down this year. It's a very important one. Ugh.

Since he goes back on the 3rd, I've got to cram a lot into the next week. He actually said to me yesterday when could he go "school shopping". Now, if you know Cam, you know that he doesn't need one single thing to go back to school. It was just a short month ago that he needed to go "vacation shopping". What in the world is he going to want to buy? I guess we shall see, because if you know me at all, you know I'm not going to tell him no.

I also am having a Back-To-School Swim on Tuesday. Kinda like what my Auntie Theresa does. We'll swim, have lunch and maybe even some homemade ice cream like Cindy made yesterday. I hope Auntie Brenda is feeling better by then. She broke my heart yesterday feeling so bad. She didn't even get in the pool and she ALWAYS gets in. She's a sun lover like me.
Cam got his paycheck yesterday. He cracked his dad and me up when he was looking over his pay stub. He said they took out the federal taxes and Social Security like they always had. Because he had quite a few more hours on this check than the previous ones, they took out Georgia state taxes too. It was like a dollar and seventy-four cents. We had to explain to him the sickening fact that the more he makes, the more they take. He wanted to know if he'd get it back at tax time. That dollar and seventy-four cents is important to him and he wants it back. He's got a lot to learn about taxes, doesn't he?

I best get going. I've got to get some onions and peppers for the salsa. We'll be tweaking the recipe I'm sure, so I'll post it for y'all tomorrow. It's to die for. If you like salsa.

Till tomorrow. Have a great Saturday!


Theresa said...

Can't wait to hear about the Salsa recipe. We only have enough tomatoes to eat so I know I won't be making any:) Can't wait 'til Tuesday and more family fun!!!!! The school clothes thing is looming at the Parrish house too. They are only out of school for two months and don't wear what they got last year. Oh well... you just gotta go shopping-Cam likes Polo, right? :) Better stop by the ATM!
Love you bunches


You are going to SHARE the salsa recipe? I will share one of mine with you if you do. I love Salsa.

Jill said...

Salsa...Are you going to leave us hanging???LOL

Cindy Lou said...

Well the school shopping thing is going on around here also...but Justin get military discount at some stores so while he is home we are gonna use him!! Areo and Footlocker gives the discount so if anyone wants to hook up with us and go for a shopping trip just give me a holla!!! Have fun making salsa! Love you and hopefully will get to come tuesday!!

suzanne said...

yummy... can't wait for the recipe. Looking super foward to Tuesday, and so are the kids!
Love ya :0)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

My youngest will be a junior, too. I just mentioned to her the other day that we should probably buy some back to school stuff, and she looked at me like I was the Grim Reaper.

wendy said...

Nothing like home made Salsa ---LOVE IT. store bought stuff doesn't even come close. Pool parties are the best, so relaxing and a good way to beat the heat.
Taxes suck!!
I'll be checking on you around September as I am off for awhile and we don't have high speed internet. Will miss all my blogger friends alot.