Monday, July 13, 2009

My New Favorite Day

Y'all know I'm a Friday kinda gal. It's always been my favorite day of the week. Fridays just have a good feeling to them; a mood all their own. It's an excited, almost giddy feeling.

We resumed our weekly Sunday Night Suppers at my mom and pop's last night. They got new carpet throughout their entire house in early June. They had the whole house turned upside down. They emptied closets that hadn't been emptied since we girls left home. They moved every stick of furniture in that house BY THEMSELVES. And then when the carpet was complete, they moved every stick back. BY THEMSELVES. My dad painted the walls, varnished the baseboards and spiffed everything up so nicely. The house is so fresh and the carpet looks great. I'm so thankful that they were physically able to do all of that themselves and that they had the desire to do it. I know it took a lot!

My mom went through all the things in the closets and gave us girls lots some of the most special things from our childhood. Some might refer to it as junk, but to me the things I got were priceless. My Viewmaster. My old cassette tape recorder that I used to record any and everything imaginable. Raggedy Ann and Andy. A book from my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Marcinak. What a good mama to hold on to all those things for me.

And with the house upside down, we've had to have our Sunday Night Suppers other places. Good, but not quite the same, you know. So anyway, back to my new favorite day. Sunday. The day when my family gets together at my parents' house. My mom made the best spaghetti, salad and bread for supper last night. We had a sparse crowd, but I enjoyed it so much. It was good to be back. Joseph was in Helen. Suz and the Parks bunch are on vacation in Ormond Beach, Florida. Cam was at work. I missed everybody and can't wait until July 28th when, hopefully, we'll all be back together again. Crystal and her family leave for Florida next Saturday. Maybe they'll pass Suz and hers on the way!

After pigging out on the spaghetti, Jeff went back to our house and got the watermelon we had bought for the 4th of July. Even though I like watermelon, I couldn't hold another bite. It was ice cold and they all said it was so good.
This is my mom and pop's new dog. They got her after their other dog, Bear, died. They searched long and hard to find just the right one and she was the one they chose. She's the cutest thing and very unlike Bear. They named her Bearly. It's a name that suits her perfectly. She was showing off her toy and was so proud of it.
When everyone had eaten more watermelon than they could possibly hold, we went back inside for Ross and Jeff to fix their digital converter box. My parents don't have cable, so they've had to get that dumb box. Even though they're geniuses, in my opinion, when it comes to technological stuff, they think it's like learning to speak another language. Their TV enjoyment has been severely impacted by the digital age. Ross and Jeff fixed it, so hopefully, they can watch the shows they want to watch again.

In all the stuff mom cleaned out, she came across some old board games we had when we were kids. Ethan and I got Upwords out and played. Man, that's one hard game. Really, really hard. We didn't keep score and we both stunk, but it was a lot of fun. Even my dad, who doesn't really DO board games, helped us play.
I think you can see why Sundays are my new favorite day!

Jeff and I had a nice anniversary. We didn't do anything special, just went to our favorite weekend haunt, LaParilla. We went with Nan and Ronnie and a few other couples. We decided not to do anything really spectacular because we're planning a trip here.

I've been to Biloxi once. I'm not a gambler, so it wasn't that great to me. But when we go in September, we're going to see a concert, so I'm excited about that. The trip will be our anniversary gift to each other. Works for me.

Feast or famine. That's the way my job goes. Last week I didn't go out for a single depo. This week, since Suz is on vacation, I'm going to have to work a bunch. I'm going to miss the birthday lunch for my great auntie Mattie Lou because I've got to go to Marietta this afternoon for a job.

We got glorious rain last night. Not sure exactly how much we got, but it'll be sucked up by all the thirsty plants and trees by noon today I bet. The sound of the rain lulled me to sleep and I slept better than I've slept in weeks. I never even heard Jeff get up and leave for work this morning. Even though he's quiet, come on. I must have been really sleeping.

Time's getting away from me, so I have to go. Till tomorrow, HAPPY MONDAY!


Theresa said...

Now that just made me smile... showing teeth and everything. Your Mama and Daddy are just the bomb! I know I interupted your goodbye walk and chat by calling your Daddy last night. He walks you all the way to the car and just keeps talking. Oh how I love him. And, your Mama is more like a sister to me than the the in-law word. She always cares about others before herself. I appreciate her more than she will ever know. The carpet is gorgeous, although I only saw the back part. I love the new dog and of course his name:) All dogs were named Bear until the girl dog and her name is Bearly, how cute is that. Enjoy your day and we'll certainly miss you at the luncheon. Love you!

Joyce said...

ahhhh... that do is adorable! love reading your blog. love your family. the only time we get together are on some holidays and some birthdays. People are too busy and don't make time for one another. sad. Have a wonderful day and take time to relax this week!

2Thinks said...

If only I had half the energy to redecorate as your mom and pop have! Kelly Kelly. Is that true? I know a girl named Kelly Fidelli (Fi-delly). Must be something with Kellies.

Happy Anniversary. In Jan. it will be 22 years for us, too.


Cindy Lou said...

Your mom and dad are amazing to be able to do all of that by themselves! We went to that LaParilla one day last week and it is a wonderful place to eat!! Great Anniversary gift!!! I bet you will have a blast! Have a great day and don't work to hard!! Love ya lots!!

Missy said...

I remember the viewmaster! I just asked my 11 year old if he knew what a viewmaster was... he replied something about the World of Warcraft game! LOL

Nana said...

Sounds like some good times. I love getting together w/ the family. Especially if food is involved.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lots of love and fun! Happy late anniversary!


What fun this sounds like. I am so glad you can enjoy your family like this. What concert are you going to see in Biloxi? I won two tickets today to see Beehive at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and am thrilled.