Tuesday, August 4, 2009

15 and School Supplies

Today's Joseph's 15th birthday! Big birthday shout to Joseph! Another driver on the road. Crystal's taking him to get his learner's license this afternoon.

Here's me and Joseph the day Crystal brought him home from the hospital. You can see two-year-old Cameron in the background.

What birthday post would be complete without a picture from his first birthday? Look at that gorgeous blond hair and two little bottom teeth.
Here's Joseph now. He's very special to me. He was my first nephew. Of all the grandkids, Joseph is no doubt the most easygoing of them all. When the kids play, Joseph is usually the referee or the judge. He's definitely a moderator. I could see him becoming a diplomat or judge or something like that. He doesn't like all the arguing. He's a peacemaker. That's a very good trait, don't you think? He also has a very good sense of humor. I think those are things that will take him very far. Humor and peace.
He started 10th grade yesterday. It just doesn't seem right that all the kids are growing up so darn fast. Before you know it, I'll be dancing at his wedding.
And I bet that scares the bejeebies out of Joseph!
Happy 15th Birthday, Joseph! You hold a place in my heart saved just for you.
Okay. So we've had another crazy day at the Kelly house. Some thief got hold of our debit card number and has gone to another state on a little shopping spree. Jeff's got to go to the bank to take care of that. Luckily, our bank uses a detection service that monitors their account holders' debit card usage. They caught it. We won't be responsible for the charges, but will have to get new debit cards and so forth. I hate thieves. Why don't they just get a job?
Have y'all had to spend a small fortune on school supplies? WTCrap? Eight dollars for a three-ring binder. I mean, I know these are tough times, but come on. And Cam needed four of them. Then after going to three stores last night to find them, I bring them home and he says he doesn't need them. The teachers just put them on the list year after year. I go to two stores looking for notebook paper. When I give it to him, he tells me it's not the kind he likes. Say what? Oh, boy. I'll keep all of it because I'm sure he'll be asking for it in a day or so. That boy would rather give his mama a hard time than drink when he's thirsty. And I'm surprised that no one has come up with a notebook/spiral notebook for lefties. Poor Cam has to rest his wrist on those metal thingies. I remember when he was younger, his teachers would complain to me that his papers were always so ragged and the holes always torn on the left side. I had to inform them that wasn't exactly his fault, since he had to put his hand somewhere. Hmmmm. Now, he says he just tells them ahead of time. I'm sure he's not the only lefty in the class, but, you know, he's the one I care about.
Gotta work today, so better run. Hope y'all have a marvelous Tuesday!
Till tomorrow.


Theresa said...

Happy birthday Joseph ! Not possible that he is 15. Thieves stink. Too many problems over there. Love you and have a good day!

suzanne said...

No doubt Joseph is peacemaker! He's like his mama. You can depend on him to be the sensible head during a conflict. I can't believe he's 15. In the blink of an eye, years are passing, and I don't like it very much.
Everyone really needs to be careful with their debit card #s, I most definitely am not, but after things happening to you TWICE, I'm going to start.
Love you and thanks for covering the 11 o'clock depo. Now Reido can have a handsome new haircut!

Joyce said...

I need to pray for you more, girlfriend!!! Not sure what is going on over there but sounds like you need it!
We only pay cash at the pump. I read many theives get your card # at gas stations. Also I don't order on line anymore. I'll see if I can find that email and send it to you! Have a better day! Said a prayer for you!

Crystal said...

That's my boy!! The peacemaker....uhhhh, except where Ethan is involved and then he is the troublemaker!!! Or should I say they both are! Hard to believe he's 15 today and such a grown-up young man. I'm VERY nervous for him taking the learner's test, probably more than him!

Cindy Lou said...

Happy Birthday to Joseph!!! I can't believe that all these kids are growing up and I am not getting one day older!! LOL!!! I hate that the thieves got your debit card!! Love you and have a great day!!

joseph said...

o yea u dancin does scare the bejeebies out of me lol jk but thnx for the happy b-day tlk to u later love ya!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

My first two are lefties! To this day, I put various things, like hand soap to the left all of the time because I wanted to help them when they were little and their fine motor skills weren't developed. They notice that I still do those things, but I'm unaware of it. HBD to Joseph


Happy Birthday to Joseph...and yes school supplies have reached ridiculous. I took three little girls shopping last weekend with money my church and Frank and I gave...and dropped a quick 220.00. It was ridiculous what was on their lists. Not one box of kleenex....but six? Six? Does this teacher not have any other children in the class?

Tracychele said...

Stillmagnolia, you are buying what other people can't or WON'T! They can't make them do anything, like pay for field trips. We have to pay more so the other kids can go! They always have a note on the sheet that says no child will be denied due to nonpayment! I don't mind helping some but some of the ones who do not participate do NOT need help! I have seen it first hand. There is where the 6 boxes of tissue request comes from! Sorry. Don't know where that came from! It is a little frustrating! Anyhoo, Happy belated to Joseph. I can not believe how much he has grown. So tall! I hope he does well on his test! See you and have a great day!