Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Next?

Do y'all ever have times when you just throw up your hands and ask, WHAT NEXT? I am having that kind of time at my house right now. While I know these are minor things and nothing catastrophic, when you have several days in a row of minor things, it can get pretty darn frustrating.
You remember we had to buy a hot water heater last week, right? It ended up costing a couple hundred dollars more than we expected due to some changes in the building code or something like that. The TV went out, so we got another one.
Over the weekend, Jeff's debit card info was stolen. The thief had a pretty good time at Walgreen's somewhere in Michigan. I wondered what in the world someone could find at Walgreen's to spend a thousand dollars. After going to Walgreen's, I see that they sell gift cards to all kinds of stores and restaurants. Ah ha. I bet they just treated themselves to a bunch of gift cards. You may be interested to know that we've kinda tracked it down to have been stolen from the Mexican restaurant we go to a lot. Other people we know that were there last weekend had theirs taken too.
Tuesday caused me to raise my arms a little higher toward the "What Next" position. Yesterday morning we discovered there is a chance we're going to need to do some termite treatment in our garage. Ugh.
I covered a job yesterday morning and the attorney told me at the end of the depo that he needed it today. Got that worked out and headed to my 3:00 job in Austell, which was about 30 minutes from Atlanta where the first job was. I want y'all to know that I was lost the entire afternoon, except for the hour the depo took. I wanted to throw my darn GPS out the window and jump out behind it myself.
I don't mean to complain, but, you know, sometimes you just gotta vent.
So far today, we seem to have escaped the bad news bug that has been biting the crud out of us lately. Keep your fingers crossed.
Till tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Okay...I know this won't make you feel any better, husband had his card info stolen also. Someone tried to transfer all our money into their account, buy 2 (two!) Hummers and 12 computers. Luckily we were contacted and stopped everything, but it's still going on. So...hopefully yours is not so bad. But, you really need to contact places like Equifax, etc. to let them know and to also put a fraud alert on your account. Sometimes the numbers are sold overseas and then there's not much chance to catch them. Sorry if this scares you, but better safe than sorry. (Now I feel like a heel for adding to your misery! Just keep on top of it. I hope things get better!)

Dena said...

Oh my goodness...quite a week you've had so far! The weekend is on it's way, hopefully you can get some down-time in!

Cindy Lou said...

Lord have mercy and I just thought my coke episode was bad!! i hope things start to look up for you! You know they use walgreens cause they don't check ID!! That happened to me just a couple of months ago!! Hope today continues to be a good one! I love you

Theresa said...

Sorry sweetie! You should have called me and I would have helped you find your way:) Well, things have been going pretty good over our way until this afternoon... ALEX HAS ANOTHER FEVER and Tracy and Derek are taking her back to Egleston. Please pray for her, she has had too much to deal with for her little self! Love you and hope you have a wonderful evening!

tracychele said...

Well, hard to have the "Glass Half Full" theory with all this going on!! So sorry. I did think of Cindy when you said Walgreens! There seems to be a pattern there and the thiefs know about it! Was it someone who worked at your favorite Mexican Restaurant? How sad! I sure hope things work out better for you! I guess you can tell yourself they could have tried to buy a CAR! ;)


Remember sweetie....even when our glasses are looking half empty...they truly are really half full! I will pray there are no more nexts for you least for a while. You need a break!