Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shoes Versus Feet

As I sat down to blog today, I had quite a few things on my mind. But at every turn I was brought back to the subject of shoes.

Y'all remember a couple of weeks ago I fell down my front porch steps. I missed the bottom step
and sprained my ankle.
I'm sure that I injured all 26 bones, 33 muscles and each of the hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons and ligaments in my foot. Now, I know from previous ankle injuries that it takes months for healing to occur. And even then, your ankle just isn't the same as it was before.

Y'all also know that I'm short. Very short. About 5'1 standing tall. I tell you, there's nothing funnier to a short person than having someone say, boy, you ARE short. Well, almost nothing. Remember I'm short and I have a funny name.

Tuesday when I worked, I attempted to wear my wedge heels. They're normally a very comfortable shoe and I wear them with no trouble. Well, as I mentioned before, I was lost most of the day on Tuesday. I went to the wrong office for my first job. I realized this only after I had walked down several steps and walked a block in the middle of the street because the sidewalk was closed. When I got back to my car, to hopefully go to the right place, I was in pain. Not gut-wrenching pain, but just that nagging, achy pain. If you've ever sprained an ankle, you know what I mean. The kind of pain that feels like an elephant stepped on you. It hurt.

But I didn't sit down today to gripe about my ankle, which is never going to get better if I keep trying to wear shoes like the ones I wore Tuesday. When I was scrolling down my daily reads, I came to hers. Missy always has the funniest posts. When I read this one I almost fell over. On Wednesdays, she posts about wacky or wonderful inventions. The shoes that were pictured on that post were hilariously ugly. I guess Crocs has come out with a new style. Click on her blog and check them out. They are similar to these.
And I think I need a pair. Even though they're horrifying to look at, I bet they're super comfy. If you think they're the ugliest shoes you've ever seen. . . You've obviously never seen these.
Then as I was having my morning chit-chat with Suz, she was telling me about her day yesterday. She had to go to the DeKalb County Courthouse for a depo. The elevator in the parking deck was broken. She had to walk down -- and then back up -- four flights of steps, carrying at least 50 pounds of equipment wearing these!
By the time she got back to her car when she was finished, her legs were burning and her blouse was wet with sweat! Beauty before comfort. She did look nice, I'm sure. And she did get several compliments on her shoes.

Did any of you play with these when you were a little girl? I know I sure did. Mine were always cheaply made. I would wear them a couple of times and the strap would break.
I'm thinking that we women are born to want to wear high heels. And now a shoe maker has made it so that little girls can wear high heels sooner than ever. Crib high heels.

They're made for baby girls starting at age six months! Unbelievable. Let's ruin her feet 19 years sooner!

Now, it's not like I'm so vain that I want to continue wearing shoes such as these.
Although, those are pretty interesting, don't you think? I mean, wow! Check out the detail carved in the heel.

And even though I've heard acupuncture is good for lots of things, I don't believe I want to go at it by wearing these.
These shoes remind me of something a kid -- probably a boy -- made out of K'Nex toys.
I'm more into shoes like these. High enough to give me some height, but not high enough to kill me if I make a wrong step.
I really like these a lot. And, if fact, just may order myself a pair today.
Those aren't too bad, are they? I mean, they look comfy. They're made by Rocket Dog and I know they make very comfortable shoes.

But I think these may be better suited for me right now. Or maybe these for days when I really want to look my sexy best.
I'm only 43. Can't I wear young-looking shoes a little longer, please?

Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world.
~ Bette Midler ~

Till tomorrow, may all your heels be high and comfortable!


Theresa said...

Girl... you make me laugh no matter what your blog is about. I have found as I get older, comfort comes first. I have a pair of THE cutest shoes, make that two pair, that I have worn once or twice. I know when they go on my feet that it isn't going to be a comfortable walk. One pair I wore to Alvin Wilkins funeral, snowing and shopping between Church and the funeral and I had to pray when I got there to help me get back home so they could be thrown in the back of the closet. The black and white pair that I wear A LOT are so comfortable. I think they came from TJMAXX and were a little pricey but I wear them every chance I get. Love you and I love being short:) Have a blessed day!

suzanne said...

Hilarious. Those baby high heels are too much! My mama should've put those on me. Remember, I'm at least at inch SHORTER than you??
I get constant comments about my vertically-challenged self. Hence, high heels all the time. Still short, but not freakishly short.
Love the little black and white flower shoes. Actually, I love all those shoes, even the ones with toes!
Love you :0)

Cindy Lou said...

I love shoes...all kinds but the older I get I have realized that I really like to be more comfortable than sassy! I try to find some that are sassy but I can still wear all day!! And those darling are really hard to find!! I just love you and I can always count on you no matter what the subject to make me smile with your blog!!!

Cindy Lou said...

I love shoes...all kinds but the older I get I have realized that I really like to be more comfortable than sassy! I try to find some that are sassy but I can still wear all day!! And those darling are really hard to find!! I just love you and I can always count on you no matter what the subject to make me smile with your blog!!!

Missy said...

Thanks for the plug! The pic with the "feet" shoes has freaked me out! It has hair and all! OMG! Stay away from heels!

Tracychele said...

What a funny blog! It took me back to a time or two that I wore uncomfortable shoes on a long day and suffered just to look good. Not worth it anymore! I find shoes I love and buy them in several colors! I would like to see the bare feet shoes made like cute little lady feet with manicured toes! I wish the baby shoes were around when my little girls were babies! Cute photo op! Have a wonderful day!

Laura said...

I am sitting here barefoot, as usual, and your post made my feet hurt!

You take care of that ankle-


Stepping Thru said...

This is a wonderful post. I love shoes but like you I am getting to that stage in life where comfort is more important than that pretty foot. Thanks for making me smile today. I needed it.

adsgram said...

I used to be a shoe fashion slave...many moons ago. This weekend I tried to wear a pair of heels to a wedding...I was done before I left the house. I have had back surgery and suffer from hardly any added height at all! I am just about always barefoot now, and when I 'dress-up' I wear my Birks! I just make sure the jewelry is eye catching and the toes are polished!