Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't Bring Me Down

But tonight I'm putting on my best apron and I'm going to make a Chicken and Broccoli Rice Casserole that I picked the recipe up from The Cookbook Junkie. I could tell by just looking at this recipe it's going to be a keeper. I hope I don't screw it up. It looks pretty simple. Maybe I'm safe.

I want to introduce y'all to my newest purse accessory:
Unfortunately, you won't be catching me dead without this stuff. I'm in complete and total mortal fear of that tooth falling out again. What if it happens right in the middle of a deposition? I guess I could put in the transcript something like this:
(Whereupon, the court reporter's tooth fell out.)
I'm sure everyone would completely understand and be totally sympathetic. NOT. They'd probably have to suspend it and resume another day because of all the belly rolling laughter. The ironic thing is that I have dreams A LOT about my teeth. And specifically about them coming out or a crown coming off stuff like that. It's crazy. Do they have dentists that are also psychiatrists?

Last night I had a dream of another sort.
So I guess today or tonight I'll make that dream a reality. At least I do have some control over that one. I may wait until tomorrow evening when Jeff's at football practice to do it. I'm just not in the mood today. The thing is if I do it tonight, he can help. :-) And that is a very good thing!
Karla, if you read this, you'll be happy to know I've jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. I bought my first book last night. I'm super excited to get going with it. I started reading it, but I was a little high strung last night and took a Benadryl, so I didn't get to read too much of it. Hopefully, tonight I'll be able to dive deep into it. Forks, huh?
I'm working at home today. Got a couple of long depos to get proofed. Hope I can get them done today. I'm excited because I get to make it to my Auntie Theresa's b'day lunch tomorrow! I'm crossing my fingers her gift comes today in the mail. I ordered it from one of my daily reads. But shhhh. I'm not going to tell you which one yet. It's a surprise.
Oh, and BTW, the Yoplait Thick and Creamy Key Lime Pie Yogurt was as good or maybe better than the cherry cobbler. Next time I'm crushing one or two low-fat graham crackers in it. OMGosh. That would be heavenly. If you haven't tried these yogurts, what the heck are you waiting for? Get you some.
Happy Humpday, y'all. Till tomorrow.


Karla said...

Welcome to Twilight Anonymous. You'll love it. I'm on my 2nd round of the series.

Theresa said...

Let's see... this is not Auntie Theresa! shhhhhhh. I received something really special in the mail today from pay-it-forward! CAN'T wait to show pictures tomorrow! I have chicken in the "crotch pot" with onions, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and italian seasoning. When it is done, I sprinkle italian bread crumbs and shredded mozarella cheese.

Hey if you need them... Cindy inherited Pop's false teef:) I am sure she would let you bottow them!

Love you and get busy:)

Cindy Lou said...

I have all the twilight books that I bought for Britani! I may have to get into them! Tracy loved them all!!! And yes if you need to borrow them just let me know!!! :) I can't wait until lunch tomorrow...Alex and Avery are so excited to be going!! Love you lots!!

Renee said...

I love that Key Lime Pie yogurt! It would be good with some crushed graham crackers.

Bellamere Cottage said...

Your life sounds like it should be an episode of I Love Lucy! :-) I shouldn't laugh, but I did... Sure hope the tooth thing comes out ok........yeah, just kidding!


jennifer said...

I hope you enjoy Twilight. I loved it!

OK, this is long but interesting. I don't neccessarily buy into it though. This was taken from a site about what objects in our dreams represent...


To dream that you have rotten or decaying teeth, forewarns that your health and/or business is in jeopardy. You may have uttered some false or foul words and those words are coming back to haunt you.

To dream that your teeth is gleaming, signifies happiness and fulfilled wishes.

To dream that you are brushing your teeth, signifies your level of confidence, struggles and aggressiveness. You need to look out for yourself and your own interest. Perhaps, you feel that your standing or position is shaky.

LONG I know. Have a great day!

jennifer said...

LOL! I just read the post below and realized you didn't DREAM your tooth fell out - IT DID! I'm laughing my self silly over my stupidity.

Kudos for posting a pic with your missing tooth. I would have too!


lagirl said...

Congrat's on your WIN @ Still Magnolias. You're a lucky gal.
And I guess I'm lucky too because I found your Blog through your win.
Please stop by my place (blog) and say "Hello" sometime.

Joyce said...

I'm at chapter 14 in Twilight. I'm one of Karla's new recruits too. I watched the movie first... 3 times, which helped me to put faces on the people. Love the book!