Monday, May 4, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

Jen at Tatertots and Jello is one of my daily reads. She's linked up with a blogger friend, Amber on Friend Makin' Mondays. So in the spirit of makin' friends on a yucky, cloudy Monday, I decided to play along. This week's theme is Your Top 5 Toys/Games From Your Childhood. I thought that would be really easy for me. But then when I started thinking about it, there were so many things that came to mind. It was hard to come up with only five. Here they are, in no particular order:

What child in the '70s didn't love a Big Wheel? They were noisy for sure, but they were so much fun. Me and my sisters could ride that thing so fast. You could get it going and then put your brakes on, it'd spin and do a donut. I remember my daddy getting mad at us for leaving all these black marks in the driveway. We rode ours until our wheels were square. No lie.

Oh, my gosh. How I loved my View Master. I had Beverly Hillbillies, Blue Ridge Mountains, Hawaii Five-O, Flintstones and Charlie Brown. Mine came in this tin can like the picture. The whole thing is still at my parents' house in my old bedroom chest of drawers cabinet. I got it out several months ago to show Eli. He wasn't too impressed.
Precious Baby Tenderlove. With her head full of thick blonde hair and little yellow dress. My mama held on to her for me over the years, so she's in the closet at my house. I still have her yellow dress, but the little white bib isn't hardly white anymore. More like dirty yellow. Her hair looks like she was stuck in a windstorm. I did love to play with her though.
If I had to choose one thing that I loved playing with the most it would probably be my Barbie dolls. I had a whole bunch of them. I had lots and lots of clothes and tons of shoes and accessories. I had a few of the plastic boxes that held them in their little compartments. I would open and close the box so much changing their clothes that the plastic would just rip from the wear. For many years I didn't have a Ken doll. So since Barbie had to have someone to get some sugar from, I had a little stuffed monkey named Monkey Joe. He was pink and a little taller than Barbie. He played the male role until I finally got a Ken doll. When Monkey Joe kissed Barbie, his whole mouth engulfed her head.
Oh, yeah, baby. This was her humble abode. I bet I spent 10,000 hours in my room playing with my Barbie dolls and this townhouse. You could put Barbie in that yellow plastic elevator, pull the string and up she'd go to the next level of the house. I remember my little black and white TV being on and watching Leave it To Beaver, pouring sweat because we had no air conditioner, just an attic fan, and being in absolute kid heaven playing with my Barbies with this house. Several months ago, before my Auntie Theresa taught me how to NEVER lose a bid on E-bay, I bid on a townhouse exactly like the one I had and I lost.
:-( I've not seen another one on there since.
If you'd like to play and maybe make some new blogger friends, plus take a really fun stroll down memory lane, go over to Amber's and link up. Leave me a comment, so I know you're playing. I want to see what you played with when you were a little girl.
Till Tuesday.


Renee said...

My kids love the view master toy now. My husband's aunt gave them one and they think it is the greatest. Too bad they don't make that cool tin can anymore.

I also have the Barbie Townhouse on my list.

Amber said...

Oooooh, GREAT list!! I loved Big Wheels, we rode ours til the tires were stripped bare. I loved Viewfinders too. And I LOVED the Barbie house. My friend had one and we played with it ALL the time.

So nice to meet you!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Kelly, I LOVED this post! LOVED! What fond memories. I had most of the same fav's as you!

islandgirl said...

oh my gosh! I think that we had the same childhood right down to that fab, ultra mod townhouse!! :0) I came via Kelly's kitchen tours..what a fun blog you have! Thanks for making my day!

Jessica said...

I loved my viewmaster as well! Many good memories there :)

Xazmin said...

View master! I keep coming across more awesome toys from my childhood that I forgot about!

Great list!

Cindy Lou said...

Ok well I gave it my best shot and did the Friend Making Monday!!! I am not sure about the linking thing but maybe you can help me out with that! Had fun with this!

wendy said...

That was a looooong time ago --to try and remember my favorite toys. I too had a view master!! Ken and Barbie and my dad made me fun furniture stuff to go with them. Also I loved (don't know the name of it) the flat paddle thing with the plastic and ball at the end that you hit over and over and over. Do you know what I'm talking about. That was fun.

Tanielle said...

My kids still have my view master. That was a super fun toy!

I wanted a big wheel so much, but we lived in the country with no sidewalks, never happened.:)

Wonderful list!

Theresa said...

I had a little rubber doll and it had a hole in it's cheek. I wish I could find it but it wasn't in anything when we cleaned out Pop's house:( I really don't remember having a whole bunch of toys as a child. We mostly played in the dirt and pretended a lot! Love you and enjoyed seeing your favs!

Lins said...

Oh how I loved Viewmasters! That *click click* *click click* noise used to drive my Mom nuts!!

See you next FMM!
Lins @