Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I had no sooner hit "Publish Post" yesterday before my phone rang. Ross had a dentist appointment to get his permanent crown put on. If you live with me in the southeast, you know we've had some very crazy weather the last week. It will pour down rain. Then it will be sunny. Then the whole thing will start over again. When it rains, though, it really pours. I'm guessing that's where that saying actually came from was from a weather pattern like this one.

Yesterday afternoon we were in a "pour down" time period. Ross slid into the back end of the car in front of him at a stop light. He said he put his brakes on, but his truck just skid and he rear-ended the car. They were all preparing to stop for the light, so he was going pretty slow, about 5 miles an hour. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The car he hit had three people inside. His big truck just rolled over their bumper and trunk. It tore their car up pretty bad. His truck may need a new front bumper and grille and that's only because it hurts his feelings that it looks like it does. It really doesn't look that bad.
He apologized to me over and over "for all this". He had two other wrecks in 2006 and totaled out two different cars. The sad and ironic part is that he's really a very good driver. One of the
'06 wrecks was coming off of our insurance in just a few weeks.
While I'm so thankful that no one was hurt and that the accident wasn't any worse than it was, although it was plenty bad enough, I'm in the dumps today. Big time. When I'm done with this, I've got to call my insurance company. My insurance cost me more than a very nice car payment each month. Wonder what it'll cost now? Maybe a very nice house payment? That's if they keep me. They may not. Then I ponder the idea of just paying for the other guy's car. It was an older model Saturn. The way cars diminish value, it probably wouldn't be worth but a few thousand dollars. I'm just not sure what to do. My head is throbbing with every beat of my heart, which, by the way, is beating too fast I'm sure, and both feel like they weigh at least 100 pounds.
Even though he's 20 3/4 years old and going to school and working, he still needs his mama. I did at least find that out yesterday. He didn't want me to hang up the phone with him until I was almost at the accident scene. He was freaking out. It broke my heart to sit and watch him handle all that by himself. Tore me up. But watch I did. I stayed out of it. I let him take care of everything. He's practically a man now. But believe me, I hovered close by just in case he needed me. I imagine I'll always do that. At least every chance I get. He got a ticket, but the policeman hated to give it to him. He told Ross that "shit happens." I guess he's right.
Till tomorrow.


Theresa said...

Doggone, I remember those days. My Punkin had her share of wrecks and it sucks! Here is a big 'ole hug from your Auntie Theresa... for both of you!!! Glad nobody was hurt. Love you bunches!

suzanne said...

I really hate you have to go through it all. I really don't think your insurance should change much. It's been a while since anything's happened. I'm melancholy again today, too. Not sure why. Maybe something in this humid air.
Love you and hope your day improves!

Tracychele said...

Whoa MOMMA! I had one wreck that I caused and some dummy ran over my little car doing doughnuts in a parking lot! Ok, now that I straightened that out :) I am sorry that happened Kelly. Be grateful no one was hurt. He would have felt awful about that for sure. Hope your day gets better.

Joyce said...

He'll always be your boy. Glad you could be there for moral support. That's how they learn. Good job.
Now... your family cracks me up! I love how quick Tracy responded to her mom! Too funny!!! And Suzanne... you are melancholy because you miss blogging. Its a venting station! Have sis help you start one! :) Love you all! Your Washington friend!

Cindy Lou said...

Yes Kelly no matter what they will always be our babies!!! Look at mine off in California learning how to fight a war and then off to iraq in a couple of months and YES he is STILL MY BABY!!! I am glad no-one was hurt and maybe the insurance co. will have a little mercy on you! Lot of Love!!!

linda said...

Just stopping by and thought I'd leave a message...hope you don't mind.

Oh man, I feel so sorry for your son. I've got a 20 and 23 year old myself and know how hard it is to watch them suffer through things, although they may need to at times. I'm sorry! Hope all turns out ok.

Take care and have a great weekend.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Oh, I can so relate! I am sorry about it all. Hugs to you both! Just glad he's subject-And I love your new header!


Bless you both. My son had an accident 32 minutes after he got his license. He was the only car involved....but he put my car down and embankment. The lady who called me....said, "Cars can be replaced but 16 year old boys can't." I looked back at her and said....I have one you can buy cheap. _ _ it happens! Have a good day!