Sunday, May 17, 2009

Woman With a One-Track Mind

I woke up Saturday with only one thing on my mind. Although I'm very, very good at multitasking, if I get focused on one thing, my determination a/k/a hard-headedness takes over and I can do nothing else. That's what happened on Saturday. I had this one thing on my mind and this was it:

When the Escape was in the shop and we had the rental car, I didn't drive it to my jobs. I have to get in too much traffic and there's too many nuts on the road. I didn't want to chance wrecking some kind of souped up Mustang. So I drove my G6. Jeff had mentioned to me that there was something kinda funky going on with the door locks, that they were locking and unlocking while he was driving it. And I'd hear it in the garage locking and unlocking sometimes. I didn't give it too much worry. Heaven knows I have quite enough other things going on.

Well, when I drove it on Friday, it almost sent me to the loony bin. It kept locking and unlocking nine zillion times. I would lock it and leave it to go in my depo, come back and it would be unlocked. What the crap. Any thief in Atlanta could have helped themselves to two ipods, a GPS, a CD book, a football playbook, and a couple of North Henry Tigers jerseys. Uh, no, this wasn't going to work for me. I was going to have to figure out what was wrong with the locks.

So Saturday morning I got up, got my coffee and got on the computer and started searching and searching. Found a lot of useless information and nothing really useful at all. I even at one point seriously considered going to trade it in for a new one. I am not kidding. I don't play.

After wasting hours searching on the computer, I got my keys and got in the car and just started messing around with the locks, trying different things and driving it around the neighborhood to see if what I had done solved the problem. After several tries. . .

I think it's fixed. At least temporarily. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but what I believe is that the electronic device got out of sync somehow and needed to be reset. I did that by locking it with the key and then locking it with the remote keyless thingy. It sat in the garage a few hours yesterday afternoon and stayed lock and we drove it last night and it didn't lock and unlock once. At least I don't have to spend my Monday here.

After playing with the car for hours and hours, I had a project that Jeff and I started last Saturday and we didn't have a chance finish through the week. I really wanted to get it finished yesterday. It kept threatening to rain and did dump a ton of rain in about 30 minutes. Then it was over.

This is my swing that's in my backyard. It's in the only shade I have near my pool, so it gets a lot of use. This is how it looked before last weekend.
This is how it looks today! I really, really like it. I wanted a lot of color. It goes so well with all the greens in the ivy and the trees. I also think the yellow hanging baskets look nice with those colors. It's different, I know. My dad, the paint man, will probably hate it. But I LOVE IT! It makes me happy!!! And if A Girl Named Kelly Kelly's happy, it's a good thing

I even went so crazy with the paint brush that I painted my strawberry pot that holds my little hen and bitties that Theresa gave me. Coincidentally, the tips of the little plants area almost the identical color of the pot.
When I was coming inside from making the picture of the swing, these pretty day lillies just pulled at me to make theirs. How could I resist? Aren't they so pretty? I think I started with just a couple and they've multiplied. They're a humble, undemanding flower. You don't have to pay them any attention and they just come back every year and bloom this beautifully. So that was my Saturday. Now I'm off to get ready for church. Have a good Sunday. It's cloudy and a bit chilly for May here in Georgia. Ugh! But I am looking forward to CAKE BALLS tonight!

And Theresa, I'm hoping we're going to get by with a little belated b'day present for ya!

Till tomorrow.


Laura said...

I am sitting in a hospital room with my husband and my laptop and your blogs made me smile as usual!


wendy said...

You are a genius ---I would have never been able to try and figure out how to fix that kind of thing with the car. I'd just sit and swear at it . Threaten it actually. I LOVE THAT SWING and way to just be adventurous with the colors. I could take a book, a drink, and enjoy alot of hours on that swing.

Theresa said...

You are so smart and I love the swing. Sure makes a big difference, now it pops! I stopped by the house to change clothes and our next game is at 2:15 so back to the ballfield:) Enjoyed seeing your happy face at Church as always and how about that song they were playing as you arrived! Pop's favorite! Love you,

Cindy Lou said...

I would not have been able to handle the locking and unlocking either!! These computers sometimes save us some money by being able to answer our questions! I love the swing and its beautiful colors! I have one and I love it! Enjoyed being in church with you this morning and you are gonna love those cake balls!!! Have a great day I love you!

Renee said...

I hope the locks stay fixed. You were very clever.

Your swing (and your flowers) look beautiful.

Joyce said...

Love your swing! It looks so welcoming and pretty. I could sit there all day!


I am proud of your determination. I am the same track minded....and I loved the swing. How restful...and pretty. It is gorgeous!

Nan Kelly said...

KELLY!!! That swing is BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe how good that looks.Do you care if I copy you and paint mines too??

I love, love, love that!