Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Are You Wearing to the Beach/Pool?

So I've been looking for bathing suits. I've found some really, really nice ones. I kinda had in mind what I was looking for. I'm very modest. And errr, well, let's just say curvy. So this was sort of the idea I was going for.
The problem is that I do believe that these are bras and girdles these girls are wearing. I wish they made bathing suits like that, don't you? I just love the vintage look of the 40s and 50s. I love the way the women dressed during that time period. The dresses, the accessories, the shoes. And when they went to the bathing suit, they knew how to wear a bathing suit. Why, even Barbie, the Queen of All Things Fashionable, wore a great bathing suit in 1959.

But when I go in the stores, I can't find a bathing suit like hers anywhere. At least not around here. I see ones that are more like something along these lines. . .

And if you have the body, go for it. It's just not me! I can't pull that look off, no matter how much I adore flip-flops!

I spent many hours searching on the Internet for vintage style bathing suits. I found the perfect one at the Etsy store. And, girls, if you've never been to Etsy, you owe it to yourselves to visit. There are some very talented people in this world. I sure wish I was one of them. Anyway. . . I found the most adorable suit and it's HANDMADE just for me.

If you'd like to visit her Etsy store, just click here. I think you'll enjoy looking at all the pretty things she creates. I just can't imagine being able to sew like that. Instead of navy and white, mine's red and white. When I tell you that I got this handmade suit for $45, I bet you won't believe it, will you?

I wanted another bathing suit, just in case I come in and want to go back out. I sure don't want to have to put on a wet bathing suit. So I searched modest bathing suits and found this site. They have got some very cute suits. Pretty, vibrant colors, very feminine. I loved them all. So I ordered one from here too. I got this top.

And these bottoms. If only I had done the 30-day Shred, maybe my things would look this good. Oh, well, no since crying over what could have been.

What are you going to wear to the pool and/or beach?

Till tomorrow. Live, love & laugh!


Theresa said...

Hey girl! I have a couple of new suits. I am an old lady and choose to wear the little short skirts. I have one in every color and they don't look too bad. What makes your updated picture not show up sometime on the blog list. Cindy's still shows soup and mine still shows the present you all gave me. Just curious. Love you and have a great day!

Karla said...

I hate swimming suits. I bought a black and white one once and Dylan has called me jailbird ever since. I don't even have the swimsuit anymore.

suzanne said...

Look! It's you on the left and me on the right in our girdles and bras!
I agree with Karla, I hate bathing suits. I don't care how good you look (which I don't) NO ONE looks good half naked. I'm not sure who came up with the idea of wearing such things in public, but they need a good beating!

Cindy Lou said...

Girl...Love that suit!! And I am so sure that it will look wonderful on you! I myself got this really cute swim suit and I have lost 12 pounds and it still doesn't look that good on me but I still have 3 more weeks until vacation so maybe it will look better then! But once you get to the beach and see everyone else in theirs you will then realize that you look wonderful!!!! Cause some people just don't care!!! Have a great day! Love you!

Kelly said...

Men of any age can be so insensitive.

You are so right. And some people sooooooooooo should care! I wonder sometimes when I see the suits some are wearing if they even looked in the mirror before they left the house.

nan Kelly said...

I wish I would have seen these. I cannot stand my bathing suit! I am gonna look for one in Fla too...but they are always too skimpy for me. One more day!

REGINA said...


Renee said...

Have fun at the beach Kelly! Both suits are really pretty.

Personally, I like tankinis the best for me. The people at Water Water Everywhere in the mall really helped me. That is the best costumer service I have ever received while shopping.

I was laughing at your comment about what other people wear. It is so true.