Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hack Hack

I didn't get my post in this morning because I was busy trying to do this. . .

Cam came home from school early Monday sick. He's been coughing non-stop ever since. I took him to a fruitcake doctor, who at first tried to tell me it was reflux. Well, I knew it most certainly was not. I explained to him that maybe he had misunderstood his symptoms. After explaining that he was coughing till he vomits and not the other way around, I think he finally understood. Sorry if this is TMI, but gotta get the point across. He wrote three prescriptions and sent us home. When we were leaving the office, the nurse told me that this germ that's going around leaves the cough lingering for weeks. Like three or four weeks. Uhhh, thanks. He's still coughing. With. Every. Breath. He. Takes. I flew out of the bed last night because I heard him coughing so hard I honestly thought he was choking. Is there any worse sound than hearing your kid cough? It doesn't matter how old they are.

So. . . I wanted to fumigate the house this morning before I went to my job. It just feels sick. When I came home, it didn't feel any better. Suz said it's my imagination. I'm gonna give it a good cleaning tonight and see if I can't get rid of some of these germs.

Yesterday I had my annual lunch with Reid and Alayna at their school. I've gone every year since Reid was in kindergarten and this is his last year as an elementary school kid. He'll be a big bad middle schooler next year. I'm sure he won't want his frumpy old aunt to have lunch with him. Even if she does bring him the best lunch ever. Next year, though, I'll get to eat with Eli, who'll be in kindergarten. Alayna was so happy and surprised to see me. They get out of school next Wednesday and I think she thought I had forgotten about coming this year. As if. When they have visitors for lunch, they get to sit at a special table and bring a friend to join them. It's always funny because they really end up talking to their friends more than me. Yesterday I took Eli with me, so he and I had some good quality time together. Here are a few photos of the day.

They want to make sure everyone knows you're a visitor, so they make you wear this horrible neon green visitor sticker.
I'm not sure why both Alayna and Reid both knelt down so low and only showed their faces in the picture, but they both did it. Eli's really into sports and he always pretends like he wins whatever game he's make believe playing. Hence, holding up the number 1!

While Reid was visiting with his buddy and Eli and I were playing with the camera, I made this picture, which I thought was really funny. Don't mind the chip in his mouth.

This was way too many pictures of me for one post. You'll never see this many again. I promise.

Till tomorrow, Happy Humpday Evening!


barbo said...

Hi Kell the boys outgrow visitors but girls don't especially if you come with some kind of nuggets. Savannah's tags are the yellow nobody wears. This was a special blog. Cindy said if you put vicks vapor rub on the bottom of your feet it will stop a cough. Love yall hope Cam gets to feeling better

Cindy Lou said...

OH...I love all those pictures!! I hate that Cam is sick and yes the vicks vapor rub on the bottom of your feet with sock works least it did for me! I can't wait until Alex and Avery get in big school and I get to go have lunch with them! You are a wonderful Auntie!!!! Have a great evening!!

Theresa said...

Girl, my day just isn't complete until I hear what my sweet niece is up to! Those kids and their Aunt are too cute:) They just grow up too dang fast. Hope Cam gets his grove back quickly! His girlfriend is probably missing his sweet smile! Love you!

suzanne said...

Thank you so much for eating with my litte (and big) cutie-pies! I think Barbo is right, I don't think Nayna will ever outgrow our lunch visits.
I TOLD you that darn Vicks Vapor Rub stuff works. Make him try it. He's so stubborn.
Love you bunches!

doublegranny said...

Hope Cam gets to felling better!!!!The pictures are worth a thousand words!!!!!PRECIOUS!!!!!

Joyce said...

loved your pictures... of course... i am a picture freak!