Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Party x 2

What a coincidence. On Tuesday, June 2nd, she is hosting an "I Love Summer Party" in blogland. She's inviting us to link up with her and we're all going to list all the thing we LOVE about summer. Things like our favorite summer recipes, favorite summer activities, vacations, outdoor ideas and on and on! How fun does that sound? I'm looking forward to getting some good recipes and ideas.

The coincidental thing about this blog "I Love Summer Party" is that it's also on the day that my Auntie Theresa is hosting what has now become her annual birthday party for Cindy Lou's twins and also my mom. Everyone who isn't working comes and swims and we have lunch. It's a lot of fun and I think we all look forward to it every year. It's definitely one of the things I LOVE ABOUT SUMMER! Isn't that a neat coincidence?

I hope you'll link up with Darlene at Our Creative Life and party down with everyone else out there in blogland that loves summer!

I'm having all the family over tonight for the Sunday Night Supper. The sun's shining and the temperature is going to be in the mid 80s, so it's perfect for the kids to swim. Naturally, it's also a perfect night for us to host. I'm stuck, though, trying to figure out something easy and plentiful enough to fix. I just don't want to be in the kitchen for hours this afternoon making supper. Something on the grill is easy enough, but then there's the sides to worry about. Hmmmm. Maybe we could all have a McDonald's Happy Meal. Somehow, I don't think that would set too well with the grownups. They don't give good enough prizes.

Thank you so much all my blogger buddies and blogger family for all your sweet, sweet comments on my rough day Friday. It was touching to my heart and I appreciated it a lot. Y'all are very sweet. I wish I could give every one of you a big ol' hug!

Hope it's sunny where you are, and if it's not I hope it's sunny in your heart. Till tomorrow. Live, love laugh.


Barbo said...

Morning Kell. Me and Poppy came over your way yesterday to pick up a old wooden ice cream freezer. Poppy said lets go by your house he wanted to see your pool. We found no one home, we were disappointed. He then said we.would stop by your pops but i told him now was not the time to visit because painting was going on. Love You

Theresa said...

Well now isn't that a coincidence that everyone will be having a summer party on Tuesday! I know your Daddy wouldn't like the Happy Meal Idea:) What about hamburgers and some cool sides that you could make ahead of time. Tracy puts ranch dressing in her hamburgers when she makes them. Everybody loves them! Love you bunches and love to all your sweet family!!!!!