Friday, December 19, 2008

Ethan's Winning Bingo Card!
Ethan and Me :-)

Had such a good time at the Christmas party at Ethan's school. There are 17 kids in his class. When my boys were in school, there were at least 20-30. It makes for a much calmer and organized time. Here are a couple of pictures. I came home with a migraine headache like I haven't had in months. You know, come to think of it, when my boys were in elementary school and I was the room mother and in charge of the parties, I'd come home exhausted and with massive headaches. Had to lie down for a couple of hours. It's still here, just not as bad. It's Cam's last day of school till January 6th. He's gone off with a friend to the bowling alley. Ross isn't home from work yet. His truck is at the body shop getting repaired from where the deer attacked it. $800 worth of damage that darn animal did!

DONE SHOPPING! If you could see me, you'd see me dancing around! I'm done! I'm done! I really am glad. The traffic is getting awful around all the stores.

I can't understand why practically the whole entire country is having cold weather except us. Here we're basking in the balmy '70s. But not the sunny '70s. Oh, no. We get foggy, humid, cloudy '70s. Yuck. I do hope though all the folks who are trying to travel over the river and through the woods this weekend to be with their families are able to make it and have safe travels. None of my travels this holiday will be more than 15 miles. Guess I'm pretty lucky for that. Sure do wish we could see just a little bit of the snow that lots of the country is seeing. Doubt that's gonna happen though.

Here are some pictures. Not just from today and the party, but some of my sisters Crystal and Suzanne. One of my sisters and my dad at his birthday supper on December 11th, and one of my mom and my dad at his birthday supper. My mom's modeling a Santa apron my aunt Theresa gave her.
It has taken me 45 minutes to get this much done. I'm gonna get better and faster though. I hope. Joyce and Karla, if you read this, I hope your Christmas with your family tomorrow is wonderful and that everyone makes it safely.
Love to all and TGIF!



PaPa and the Grandkids Mrs. Claus


Crystal said...

That's my baby!!!! Thank you so much for going to his party with him. I know that he had a great time. He was looking so forward to it. Ok, now, about those other pictures......

suzanne said...

You're getting the hang of this blog thing. I'm going to be forced to start one myself! I look forward to reading it every day (even though I talk to you at least 347 times a day)!! TGIF, amen. It's been a rough day :0(

Joyce said...

you're doing great. love the pictures. i really like the one of you and your sisters! you're all so pretty! yes, we check your blog every day! love it!

Karla said...

Great pictures.