Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here it is Christmas Eve. I'm not ready for Christmas to be over. It makes me sad for all the things I love about Christmas to be gone for a whole year. Things such as the twinkling lights, my snow globe collection, my Christmas tree with the ornaments my boys have made over the years. The ornaments I've collected over 21 years of being married, the ornaments my mom passed down to me, and of course, one that I treasure so much, the one MaMa Kimball gave me back in the mid '80s when she seemed so young and vibrant. She's been gone for five Christmases now. I can't believe it's been that long. Jeff's Aunt Kay passed away this year and I got a few of her old ornaments that he remembered hanging on his grandmother's tree years ago. Those are very special to me, too. I'll miss Christmas music (some of which I am sick of). My manger scene, my carolers, the excitement of going to the mailbox looking for something other than a bill are also things I'm going to be sad to see gone. But, you know, thinking about the REAL meaning of Christmas being the birth of our Lord and Savior, these things I just mentioned that are so special and treasured to me are gifts. They are gifts that the Lord has given to me. Some, such as a twinkling light, are so very, very small. Some, such as the loved ones, are so very, very huge. I'm thankful this Christmas Eve for the small gifts and the big gifts. Most of all I'm thankful that the Lord loves me and forgives me. I sure need it.
Here's what I've got going on today: Wrap the last minute gifts that I've got to wrap, including one for my 16-year-old son, Cam, who has looked under the tree every single day for the last week for a gift for him. Just like he did when he was a little boy. Tear.
Order a chicken wing platter to take to the Howell Christmas party tonight.
Take the punch out of the freezer.
Jeff and I made a red velvet cake last night. We're going to take it over to the Peach Road Hospice this afternoon. For anyone who doesn't know, his brother died there from liver cirhosis (spelling) right before Thanksgiving in 2006. The people who work there are truly angels. I've always wanted to volunteer some time to work there, but I seem never to get around to it. Maybe I will in 2009. I thought the people who have dying family there could have a little piece of Christmas in the form of a red velvet cake baked by folks who know what they're going through.
After that, we'll have our little Christmas with our boys here at home where we'll open our gifts to each other. And then it's off to the races. To the Howells we'll go. Then over to my Mom and Dad's to open gifts with them and sisters and brother-in-law, nephews and niece. Crazy, wonderful chaos!
Then we'll collapse into bed with dreams of sugarplums in our head.
Here are some pix of the things I'm gonna miss ! :-(

First Christmas Together 1987

My most treasured ornament, from MaMa Kimball.

Ornament from Jeff's Aunt Kay, along with baby bootie from Great-Ma Kimball.

My carolers.

Snowglobe Collection
When Ross was little, he broke one of my snowglobes every year until he was about 6.

Natitivity Scene

Handmade Ornaments

Our Tree

Our House

Cedar Tree in the Front Yard Ornaments off Cedar Tree in Front Yard

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