Saturday, December 27, 2008

No Guitar Heros In My House

Contrary to the way I spent my day yesterday, I slept today. I took a two-hour nap. It wasn't that I was so much tired as I was bored. We went to LaParilla last night and I had a margarita. Usually the day after I drink one of those, I'm not very productive.

The WII Santa brought the boys for Christmas has got to find a new home in the extra bedroom. The X-box is gonna have to move over. Ross came home at about 2:00 this morning. We knew he'd be late, so that was okay. He came in and sat down in the living room and started playing Guitar Hero. If you're familiar with the game, you know that when you're playing the song and you hit a wrong note, it lets you know by sounding this really annoying sour guitar ping note. He must have hit 100 wrong notes in 5 minutes. His dad put a stop to that in pretty short order and he went to bed. Well... Cameron gets up at 8:30 this morning and starts to play. He hits 100 wrong notes in 5 minutes and wakes us up again. Yes, indeed, the WII must find a new home. Mama has to have her sleep. I can be grumpy enough without being awakened by sour Guitar Hero Notes!

Made some adjustments on my comments section. Don't know if it'll work or not. Hope so. Love to get comments.


Kelly said...

I think I fixed it.

Theresa said...

Well, I have tried several times to leave a comment and it didn't work! I am enjoying your blog soooo much. This morning was my first experience with Guitar Hero at Cynthia's, and boy was I bad. I thought the sour notes were part of the game:) Anyway, the Parrishes got one too, not guitar hero, but the games are really fun. We have all played... bowling etc. Oh, by the way, you could leave the snow globes out all year but then you wouldn't enjoy them as much at Christmas! Happy New Year! Love you and keep blogging. Theresa

Joyce said... works! I stink at guitar hero. no good. my grandson, andrew, rocks! lauren said she does not rock. she is 5.

suzanne said...

You fixed it :0) Jason is sore today from playing the wii! That's just sad. You've got to get the wii fit. It has yoga and I just know it's going to help you and me get all zen in the new year!!! Sisters 4-eva!

Karla said...

Guitar Hero is not my friend