Monday, December 29, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

Little Darlin' Here Comes the Sun! Yay!!!!! Changed the background on my page because I just couldn't stand the snowflakes. I wanted some flowers and butterflies. Yeah, baby!

Buford was great. Suz can really throw down! Jason grilled this teriyaki chicken with mozarella cheese and diced tomatoes on top of it. It was fabulous. She had baked potatoes in the oven and I loaded mine down with butter and sour cream. We ate our donuts for desert and it was just great. Missed Crystal and the kids though. We played wii. I, of course, S-T-U-N-K! Why am I so horrible at games? All games. At least I'm a good sport. I was really trying, too. Jeff didn't play. He hasn't gotten into the wii yet. I'm not real sure why. Maybe he's afraid . . . Hummmm.??????

We actually drove my mom and dad's Buick up there. Our Escape holds five, which Cam's a big boy, so we were going to be kinda crowded on the drive anyway. Well, when we got to mom and dad's house, he suggested we take their car. It holds six. Three in front and three in back. Jeff drove and my dad sat in front. Mom, Cam and I sat in back. We were snug, but it was okay. Well, we ended up bringing Reid back home with us. Which meant that there would be three in front and three in back. We were packed in that car like sardines. We looked like a bunch of hillbillies. I wish I could have gotten a picture! Reid had to massage his bottom when he got out. I think he was sitting on some kind of seatbelt buckle or something. It was a fun time!

Y'all have a good Monday. Even though I don't like Mondays. Let's make this one a good one! Hope all those lucky ducks on vacation are having fun!!!!!

Eli plays wii even without the controllers!

Mom doesn't have a computer at home, so Suz is showing her my blog on her laptop. Reid looks like he's up to something . . .

Cam, Jason and Suz dancing?????? or laying eggs? You be the judge.

Daddy and his best girl, Alayna.


Theresa said...

Great to hear about the delicious dinner. Sounds like the chicken is something I would like to cook or at least eat:) Sunshine came and boy was it great to see! I sat in that same buick today. Your Dad drove with me in the front seat and your Mom and Barbara sat in the back. He had his ziploc of REAL ritz crackers and pnut butter and I had pretzels and pnut mix and brownies that I made this morning. We visited Uncle Obie and Aunt Dot for several hours! It was such a nice visit. We got out old pictures and Uncle Obie actually picked out ALL the people in the picture and called them by name. Except himself of course. He seemed to really enjoy the visit even though he slept thru part of it. We were glad we had snacks because the visit lasted thru lunch! Appreciate your mind! He can't recognize his own children, only things from many years ago. All that said, today was a great day! I am thankful for it! Love to all! AND my Christmas tree is still up!

Joyce said...

great pics! thanks for sharing.... my vote is constipation problems! lol! but dinner sounded great!