Monday, December 15, 2008

Well, here it is. My very first blog. I've enjoyed reading other people's blog, so I figured maybe I'd enjoy my own, too.

Monday, ugh! I don't like Mondays. It's dreary in metro Atlanta today, which matched my mood. Jeff and I got home from our mini-vacation to Tybee Island late yesterday afternoon. What a great time we had. It was cold, but we ate at our favorite places and had a beer at our favorite bar and just had the best time. I think that's part of what's wrong with me today. It's hard to come back to reality after such a fantastic weekend.

Almost done with my Christmas shopping. Well, I say that. Of course, I still have the hardest people left to buy for. My mother and father-in-law, my mom, and we drew my brother-in-law's name. He's really hard to buy a gift for. He has pretty much everything.

Okay. Gonna see if I can put a picture on this. Show y'all my family and maybe one of Jeff and me at the beach this past weekend. Hope it works. Love to all! And a special greeting to my Washington friends who I would DEARLY love to meet one day! Your family and mine are so much alike!

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Joyce said...

Nice start!!! You'll love doing it once you get going. Mine is my memory too! lol!