Friday, December 26, 2008

If I were to rename my blog today, I'd name it Diary of a Mad Woman. Today, I indeed feel like a mad woman. I woke up this morning realizing Christmas '08 was history. Called Suz and found out what she and Jason and the kids got at Jerry and Judy's, which was a ton. She was out of coffee. She never missed a beat during Christmas, but the day after Christmas when she probably needed a cup of coffee the worst she's needed it any morning of the year, and what happens? She's out. Called my mom and found that she was doing nothing. My dad was reading the paper. Didn't call Crystal. She was probably not doing anything either. I didn't want to get out of the bed and face the huge post-Christmas mess that was facing me. Called my O-C-D sister-in-law, Nan, got enouragement from her because she had already been cleaning for three hours by that time. I found the courage to get up and get on with the day.

Strangely, I thought today's post would be about the things that I would NOT miss about Christmas. But true to my heart, I have cried on and off for the past four hours. Every decoration that I put in a box brings the tears pouring. I asked Jeff why the things we really adore, like snow globes and carolers have to go in boxes and we bring out cruddy things that we don't even know where they came from and that have virtually no meaning and we display them like treasures 335 days out of the year. And I'm wondering why we don't see our every day life the way we see Christmastime. You know, with all the glitter and pretty colors. I have scared Jeff today with all the tears. I'm just crazy nostalgic today. Or like I said at the beginning, a Mad Woman! He had no idea we'd be putting up our decorations today. But I just told him that for me, when it's time to get started, it's time to start. And when it's over, it's over. Christmas to me is over. But man, was it G-O-O-D! Best family, best friends, best food and way more fun than A Girl Named Kelly Kelly deserves.

Here's a picture of my snow globe collection before they go in their cardboard and Styrofoam graves not to be seen again until December 1st, 2009. Tear, tear, tear.

Sorry Joyce that your Christmas wasn't what it usually is. But, you know, God's blesses your life so beautifully every day. You have Christmas-like days lots of days in the year.

Love to all! It's Friday, so LaParilla, here we come.

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