Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes, indeed, it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. We're finally getting some cold air. And it feels g-o-o-d! Even if it will only be here a short while, I'm gonna enjoy it while I can. I've already packed up my summer clothes, so I have to wear my sweaters and stuff and who wants sweaty armpits at Christmas?
I really wanted to post Saturday. I didn't have too much to say because not much was going on Friday night. We drove downtown Atlanta to the Varsity. I pigged out on some good ol' Varsity onion rings. I never really got over the migraine from earlier in the day. Then Saturday I was in the bed most of the day with the darn thing. It came on me and it was bad! Finally took a pain pill from my hysterectomy surgery, put heat on my feet, ice on my head and crashed for two-and-a-half hours. Woke up and felt so much better! Thank goodness. The only way I can describe that headache is to say that it must feel like a possom that gets ran over in the middle of the road feels. Just a guess. It really brings you down, too. I mean, you lose a whole day of your life to a headache. That stinks. Thank goodness I have the best husband in the whole world. He did EVERYTHING that needed to be done on Saturday for the Kimball Christmas yesterday. After I woke up, we had a dinner party at some friends' house to go to. Wasn't sure we'd make it, but we did. Didn't stay too long.
And speaking of the Kimball Christmas, it was great fun. Chaotic; lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of food, lots of fun. You know, all the things Christmas gatherings usually are. We didn't have a traditional Christmas dinner. We just had finger food. The bad thing about having food like that is that you eat all day, you never get really full, but you do get really sick. I ate way too much junk yesterday. My stomach was rumbling something awful last night. It was good food though.
Today I'm just taking it easy. Sending the last 10 of my Christmas cards. Yeah, I know, they might not get them till after Christmas. But I can't help it. I kept thinking of other people I wanted to send a card to. Then trying to get addresses and everything. It was the best I could do really. Got a few loose ends to tie up with gifts and stuff. Literally. A few gifts to wrap. I'm off work till after Christmas. There are no depos on the book till then. Yay. Like others though, no work, no pay. Oh, well, I'll worry about that another day.
Here are some pictures from the weekend. A couple from the dinner party and some from the Kimball Christmas.
Love to all and Happy Monday!
P-Nut, Ronnie & Jeff (Brothers Forever) LOL! )

Nan, Me, Sherry (Sisters-In-Law Forever)

My handsome hubby!

Eli Marshall Parks asking the blessing.

Ma Ma Kimball's Not Like a Fruitcake Fruitcake

Alayna and Ethan

Me and My Baby Ross!
Luke and Cam

Luke and Bobby


Smiles on the Faces of Kids! Now, that's Christmas!

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