Thursday, April 2, 2009

111th Post

111. There's that number again. 111th post. It's time to celebrate. Before the celebration begins, let me tell you my blogging history. Last summer I "thought" that I wanted to begin a jogging routine. So I printed a schedule off the internet and did a google search for playlists for ipod while jogging. Well, oddly enough, Karla out in Washington state had blogged about a playlist she had on her ipod at the time. The google search brought me to her blog. I was instantly connected to Karla and her blog. I read her every day and couldn't wait for her to post. I'd check back in with her several times through the day waiting anxiously to hear about her day with her hubby and her son and daughter. She writes with frankness and humor. Well, through her blog, I found her mom's, a/k/a Mam . I then became hooked on hers. She is a grandma that reminds me of my mom and my aunts with the way she loves her grandkids and her family. She is humorous and a Christian who, throughout the time I've been following her, has faced a lot of challenges but has kept her faith strong. She also lives inWashington state with her hubby and a couple of pets. I truly hope that one day I will be able to meet both of these girls. And note to you all: If Karla recommends a book, read it. You won't be sorry. Note to self: I hate jogging.

They were my first blog loves and you know what they say about your first loves. Now I have so many more blogs that I read every day and I love them all. I've made friends through this blog that I only wish I could meet and know in real life, as in sit down and have lunch with. Two I've met live in or around Tybee (lucky ducks). Through one of those girls, I've met her sister Kimberly, who lives in Connecticut. She and I have also connected on so many levels. I am constantly amazed by the talent, creativity and kindness of these beautiful girls.

Last week was Kimberly's 100th post. She held a drawing to celebrate and I entered. Well, strangely enough, (and I do mean strangely because I NEVER WIN ANYTHING) I won. I was thrilled because her giveaway was going to be some of her favorite things, which I knew from following her blog would be things that would be my favorite too. Yesterday when I got home from my depo, on my front porch my sweet mail lady had left me a box from my friend Kimberly. I opened it and it was filled with her favorite things.
As I started opening each gift, I couldn't believe how generous she had been. And I was right, too. Her favorite things were some of my favorite things, too. She has beautiful taste.
I hope that y'all can see from the picture the nice goodies she sent. It really put a smile on my face and in my heart, too.

I loved each and every gift, but I think that this was my favorite. I love vintage. I love summer. I love sky blue. I love family. It was perfect. It has ribbon to hang it, and I immediately hung it in my newly painted bedroom on the handle of my armoire. It looks like it was made for the room. Thank you, Kimberly, for such a sweet 100th post giveaway gift. I'm happy that your favorites are also my favorites. And by the way, I can't wait to use the Philosophy cake shower gels. Those looked good enough to eat. You were too kind.

Okay. So now, how does a Girl Named Kelly Kelly top that? Well, she ain't even gonna try. But I am gonna have a 111th post giveaway. It's what we bloggers do when we reach a monumental post. And since I'm hung up on that number, I decided that was the one that blew my skirt up.
I'm gonna give away some of my favorite things. I'm not gonna make it too easy though. Here's what you have to do: Leave me a comment on THIS post and when you do, tell me what my favorite number is. I've mentioned it before on a previous post not too long ago. I'll hold the drawing open until Saturday. Sunday night I'll put all the names of the commenters into a hat or a basket or bowl or -- well, you get the idea -- and draw a name. The winner will get a sample of some of A Girl Named Kelly Kelly's favorite things.

Love y'all and TaTa!


barbo said...

Hi Kell I am not a blogger just a faithful reader but remember your favorite number is 11. Love You

suzanne said...

WOW! That is some serious goodies. How fun to get unexpected treats in the mail. I could probably put together your favorite things for you without your help. HA! I look so forward to the daily reading of your blog. Maybe one day I'll find time to start one. Today I'm going to work my buns off and hopefully be very productive... hopefully

suzanne said...

BTW, your favorite # is 6. Mine is 5, in case you're interested!

barbo said...

well i guess i rememered the wrong numbers sorry love you

suzanne said...

hey barbo,
i just remembered on the post about 11:11 she said six was her favorite. I think it was a trick question!!!
love ya Barbo and Kelly :0)

doublegranny said...

Kelly, you never cease to amaze me, how you can work, bea mom and wife and your house never has one speck of dust and blog all the time. Oh I forgot the exercize that you do. You are truly one of a kind. My favorite number is 3 because I have 3 children!!! Love you and have a wonderful day.

Joyce said...

I love your new layout. It looks awesome. And your comment on Karla and I was so sweet! We love you too! And your family! We'll have to have a family reunion! lol! Sounds like your number has been guessed... but I am going to say 13 anyway... in case you changed it. Have a wonderful day!

Happy To Be said...

Hey girl you done hit the MOTHERLODE of gifts there...congrat on 111 post girl..I'm still working on 100..May you have a great day girl...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Theresa said...

Your favorite number is 6, I remember because there are 6 of us Howell chillins! I will make my giveaway on my 1000th post, it will take me that long to make or collect up enough stuff:) No, just kidding! I will think up a milestone number for my giveway. Love you and thanks again for my precious "pay it forward" gift! It is the BEST gift ever!

REGINA said...


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Congrats, Kelly. How's the 30 x 5 going?

wendy said...

111th post---wow. congratulations. Crap, I don't know your favorite # and I contemplated going through your old posts to find out--oh wait, Barbo said it is 11--SHE MUST KNOW RIGHT?? So I'll say 11 . (cheating is kind of my style,)
So put my name into that drawing.

Nana said...

Great post!! I love anything Philosophy(that doesn't look right) anyway love it. I say your fav # is 187. O.k. O.k I will dig through your past posts to find it.

midlife slices said...

My favorite number has always been 7 but I have no idea why because it's never been lucky for me.

I think your favorite number is 11 but I could be wrong. I am a lot.

Congratulations on your win and what great stuff!!

Serendipit-Us said...

Hi Kelly~ First of all, the link to your blog somehow vanished off the blogs that I follow thingy. I was wondering why you were so quiet :-) Now, you're back...WOOHOO! I'm so glad you enjoyed the doo-dads I sent. Congrats on 111 posts (funny...I don't have a favorite number)! I'll go with 6 as your favorite number...who am I to step outside the box? LOL.

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