Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Married?

Cam's been at the Georgia FFA Convention in Macon since Thursday morning. He left his truck at the school. We were going to pick it up and then take it back today so that he'd have it when they get back this afternoon, but we never got around to it.

He sent me this picture with his phone this morning. The picture is dark and I was dead asleep, so I couldn't tell much about it. At first I thought the truck had been dented in. I panicked and sent him a text to find out what was going on. Well, he was in a meeting at the convention, so he couldn't talk. He said Ross had seen it and to call him. Ross was on the lake, so I shook the sleep out of my eyes and called him. He said evidently one of Cam's buddies had decorated his truck with crape paper and painted "Just Married" on his window! They did the same thing to his GF's truck too. She's in FFA and is also at the convention. I was just so thankful it wasn't vandalized. All I could think was oh, great, there goes our insurance!

Yesterday was a strange day. It had all the makings of a really bad day. First the Parks family dog. I woke up and still had a lingering headache. Then problems with a mean attorney. Two things you don't mess with me on. One, my kids (even though clearly they can take care of themselves, I still rule with an iron fist!) Two, my sisters. Sometimes people can be so rude. Attorneys especially. Sometimes they just think they're all that and a bag of chips, you know! She had someone trying to push her around with an issue that she was in the right on. I had to step in with my iron fist and give her some big sis guidance. Needless to say, as of now, she got the last word.

Then my Aunties stopped by for a visit. I was still in my PJs at 1 o'clock in the afternoon! That's how bad the day had been going! I changed and went and we sat by the pool for a couple of hours and chatted. It was nice to get out of the house and away from everything and let my blood pressure come back to normal. HA! Now I have some heirloom flowers from Auntie Theresa to plant. I'll probably do that today.

I've still got this headache. It's definitely a migraine. It will NOT go away. I've tried all the tricks I usually try. It's mild right now. If I can keep it that way I can function. Pray it stays that way.

Jeff's coaching a game this afternoon. Two undefeated teams.

Till tomorrow, Happy Saturday!


Theresa said...

Wow, you scared me with the Just Married:) My mind went racing, who could have gotten married? Glad it was just a prank, I sure hate to miss a good wedding!! Enjoyed my visit with you poolside yesterday, we need to get together a bunch this summer. I want Eli and the Parrish girls to get to play together. Love you and hope you feel better!

suzanne said...

OH MY!! That photo of Cam's truck just cracks me up! Knowing Cam, I bet he was so embarrassed.
Theresa, how funny, you hate to miss a good wedding! Me, too :0)
I hope your head feels better soon.
Love you much and thanks for the big sis takeover yesterday!

midlife slices said...

Girl, you've been a busy woman! I've been catching up on my post reading but only leaving this one comment (because I'm lazy like that). All I can say is.......please tell me what kind of drug you take that gives you that much energy? Also....congrats on the new daughter in law. LOL

wendy said...

No kidding on the attorneys --they can be a pain in the sheester. HEY, at least you got to go sit by a pool. You should have just done it in your pj's and not got dressed all day!! Why Not

Joyce said...

sorry you have a migraine. not good! i'll be praying for you! love you!

Nana said...

Hope your headache is gone by now.

I have those days often!!

The roll recipe is under bread and rolls on my side bar. They are called Jiffy Rolls. No, not as in Jiffy cornbread. Sorry. Have a great Sunday.