Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Hubby and Me

Leigh over at Bloggeritaville played this game yesterday on her blog. I thought it would be fun, so Jeff and I played this morning. It was funny to see how close some of our answers were. One in particular. I surely do love my Sugar!
  1. What is something your husband always says to you? Chill Out. Jeff said you ask me, or I'm not seeing it here Llyod. (he misspelled Lloyd)
  2. What makes your husband happy? $$$ in the bank, lots of loving from moi. Jeff said not having to make decisions.
  3. What makes your husband sad? Me being sad. When his team, Cam's team or UGA lose a game. Coming home from vacation. Jeff said argueing/fighting. (he misspelled arguing)
  4. What was your husband like as a teen? Very athletic and good at all sports. Modest. Smart. Liked by everyone. All things he is now. Jeff said unresponsible. (it's irresponsible)
  5. How old is your husband ? 47. Jeff said 47. Duh. If he got that wrong, I'd be worried.
  6. What is his favorite thing to do? Coach football. Jeff said coach football. Duh again.
  7. What does your hubby do when you're not around? Work outside, watch sports on TV, laundry. Jeff said work outside.
  8. If your husband becomes famous, what will it be for?Writing a book about coaching youth football. Jeff said won't become famous. You would think he could've been a little more imaginative, but that's Jeff for you.
  9. What is your husband really good at?Lots of stuff. He knows so much about football. He's good with the computer, but he doesn't like it, since that's what he does for a living. Hanging pictures. Packing the car. He once packed luggage in airplanes, so he can get an amazing amount of luggage in the car, which is good cause I have a whole suitcase of shoes for a trip. Arguing. (He should've been an attorney.) Whistling. Finding things that are lost or misplaced. Jeff said sports - playing, coaching, watching.
  10. What is your husband not very good at? Cooking (not much experience), planning stuff for us to do, fixing stuff around the house. Finding things that are right in front of his face. Jeff said spelling/grammer. (see, he didn't spell grammar correctly either) That's why spell check was created by some genius computer programmer! HA HA!
  11. What does your husband do for a job? Writes computer programs for Emory University Hospital. Jeff said programmer/technical analyst.
  12. What is your husband's favorite food? Rice and gravy. Jeff said chicken.
  13. What makes you proud of your husband? I love to watch him interact with the kids when he's coaching. I'm proud of the respect that he gets from that. I'm proud he's such a happy-go-lucky guy that takes pride in everything he does and does his best at whatever he's doing. Jeff said friendly, well liked by most people.
  14. If your husband were a cartoon character, who would he be?George Jetson. He works with computers like George does too. Coincidence? I don't think so. Jeff said George Jetson. He chose George Jetson too! Can you believe that?

If you decide to play along, leave me a comment so I can check out your blog and see how well you did.

Too much testosterone around the house this morning. The boys were laying around snorting and sniffing and breaking wind and just generally grossing me out. I had to disburse of that real quicklike. Ross just left for the lake down the street and Cam's gone to Meaghan's to grab some lunch.

Big birthday party tonight for Eli. I've got his gift all wrapped and ready to go. Can't wait. We're picking my mom and dad up for the long trip to Buford. Remember last time we all went we looked like the Clampetts all packed in the car. Ross and Cam will drive separately.

Thursday I ripped up my Community Survey from the census people and threw it away like so many people had told me they would do. Well, you'll never believe what was in my mailbox yesterday. Another American Community Survey. WTHeck? I think there was a microchip in the one I ripped up that told the census people so they sent me another one.

Antsing to plant some flowers, but it's still a little chilly. Think I'll wait another week or so. Maybe by then I'll be caught up on my work. Kinda doubtful as my ADD/OCD and any other acronym disorder there is in high gear.

Till tomorrow, enjoy your Saturday!


suzanne said...

How funny :0) I'm gonna force Jason to do this with me.
He will resist. I never knew Jeff was such a crummy speller -- ha-ha!
Y'all are perfect together and made for each other.. TTFN!

Jill said...

I am glad your husband at least got his age correct! LOL

Theresa said...

Well... I will try to get my honey to do it! I am hungry and that Varsity picture made my stomach growl!!!!! I stopped by the house between Austin's football game and Autumn's next game. Tell everyone tonight I said "Howdy" and Happy Birthday Eli Marshall!

Love you all!

Cindy Lou said...

I will try to get my Hubby to do it but no promises!!! Only that would happen to you with the census. And remember to tell Eli Marshall Happy Birthday from the Simmons!!!

wendy said...

Those were fun things you said about your husband -and seeing his responses. I loved the spelling errors he'd make-----that was cute.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Oh, Kelly! You and your husband make me laugh. I LOVE the way you corrected his spelling throughout(BTW, please dont look at mine, I am terrible). He sounds like a great guy. Funny he and my husband do the exact same thing. My husband writes for an major insurance company. And your cooks-LOVE that! Tom used to before I married him, the ring went on and he hasn't since, except to turn burgers on the grill!

You said"Too much testosterone around the house this morning. The boys were laying around snorting and sniffing and breaking wind and just generally grossing me out. I had to disburse of that real quicklike." Girl, how I can relate to this one. IN a house with three boys, my daughter and I just have to get away when all the male bonding and smelling begins. LOL!

Happy day, friend and Happy weekend!

Karla said...

I love how you correct his grammar and spelling and let us know you did it LOL That's something I would do. Joel and I might do this later if I can wrangle it out of him.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That is just too funny.
I don't think we dare try that little game.

Joyce said...

Lanny & I did it. Caught him in a good and patient mood. lol!