Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Solid As a Rock

Took a very long beach walk yesterday, jacket, jeans and tennis shoes. No flip flops. Tear. Found lots of interesting shells and got tons of sand in my shoes. It was good. The best part of the walk, though, was getting to make a closeup picture of this. These fake rocks used to be the waterfall in the pool at the hotel where Jeff and I spent our honeymoon in 1987. How cool is that? The hotel is gone now. The pool is gone, too. The rocks are still there and so are we!!

The high here today is predicted to be 67 degrees. There are people in the water and on the beach already and it's only 59. I don't get it. We leave for home tomorrow and it's supposed to warm up and be 75 here. Naturally. Oh, well.

Went with Cam, his friend and three girls out to dinner last night. That was an experience of sorts. I think it's called a generation gap or something like that. He (Cam) asked me to go with them. I agreed to go because I thought oh, how sweet. Then I found out Jeff told him to. Ah ha. I should've known. I really don't mind eating alone. I mean, if I had my choice maybe I'd rather not, but I don't mind. I'm certainly not going to stay home because I have to go by myself. It's okay, though, because Cam got all warm and fuzzy thinking he had done something nice for me. And I guess I got warm and fuzzy thinking I had spent quality time with him and his friends??????? Or was that nausea????? Teenagers. And especially teenage girls. I yi yi.

Till later, Happy Humpday!


Theresa said...

Hi Kelly, Neat about your honeymoon rock! I spend a lot of time alone and I am not complaining. It was nice of Cam to invite you and nice of Jeff to ask him to. I never shy away from sitting and eating by myself. Nobody horning in on your french fries:) I have learned to enjoy doing stuff just with little 'ole me, doesn't mean I don't enjoy company, just don't have to have it. It is GORGEOUS today here and not too chilly midday. Be careful on your ride home! Love you!

wendy said...

Maybe that rock still being there is like a "sign" It's still there ---AND YOU TWO ARE STILL TOGETHER. ominous don't ya think.

Serendipit-Us said...

Hey Kelly! You may want to pop over to my blog for a quick visit :-)


suzanne said...

Wow! I so remember seeing pictures of y'all at that rock. That's sorta weird that they left the rocks but nothing else??
Glad the day ended up pretty for you!
Have a very safe trip home. Tears to leavin the beach behind :0(

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