Friday, April 3, 2009

When Will Our Eyes Meet

And when will I see you again? My sunglasses that is. I am having UV ray withdrawl. They are getting lonely stuck in my purse. It's really a sad situation for both of us. We may get to spend some quality time together today, if the excellent weathermen in Atlanta have it right. Heck, we may even get a day together tomorrow too. Yippee. Then Sunday it's back to that other accessory, the one I don't like. You know the one. He takes up a lot of room in your bag. And he's always wet. The umbrella. Yuck.

We're heading to South Georgia for the Annual Kimball Easter Egg Hunt. Looks like the kids will hunt their eggs inside. That's okay though. One year we had our family egg hunt at my house and it was raining, so we let them hunt eggs in my basement. I bet if you asked each of them what egg hunt they remember most that one would win hands down. They loved it. Believe me, my basement has a zillion places to hide eggs. Heck, there's probably an egg stuffed with a pack of Skittles or some other good Easter candy hiding down there now

Speaking of Easter candy, I'm having the hardest time finding something to stuff my plastic eggs with that's not chocolate. Sometimes it's warm and the chocolate will melt. That doesn't look like it's gonna be a problem this Sunday, but Easter Sunday it might be. What do all of you stuff in your plastic eggs? I guess in some parts of the country it's not warm enough for chocolate to melt so it's not a worry. Just wondering what other people do. I tend to obsess over things, you know. It's what I do.

Jeff worked from home yesterday. Literally. We got the whole house cleaned. From ceiling to floor. He did most of it while I was in my office working, but then I helped. There are some things he hates to do, such as dusting. I don't really mind dusting. It's kind of gratifying when you see the dust on your cloth. It gives me that feeling that I've accomplished something. There comes my obsessive behavior again. Anyway, we got it done and I'm so happy this morning. Hey, have y'all tried that Pledge Multisurface Cleaner? It works really, really well. You can clean most any surface with only one cleaner. It works on glass, stainless steel, even wood. It's a little hard to find in my area, but I like having to carry only one can of cleaner from room to room. Very handy.

After we had cleaned the house, he jogged and I walked. The walking is going very well. We walked around the neighborhood, which is kinda boring to me. Same scenery. Same puddles. But it gets the job done. Hopefully, today I can take a more luxurious walk after I get home from my jobs.

I have another long day ahead. I've got depos at 9:30 and 1:00. I should be thankful to be working. I just know it's gonna be tiring and I'll likely get in nightmarish traffic coming from downtown home. But next week. . . I'll be at the beach. Taking my walks and getting some sand between my toes.

Till tomorrow. . .


Theresa said...

You are so talented with the blogging and I am learning from you how to do new stuff! I am ready for some sunshine too! What will we do without you next week:( You will be missed! The eggs we had yesterday were stuffed with sweet tarts and jelly beans and also some tootsie rolls. Have a wonderful day and be careful on the roads! Love you!

suzanne said...

Well, I did gummy eggs, skittles, airheads, sixlets (which is technically chocolate but not the melty kind), gum, and cute gummy bunny teeth. I tend to obsess over my Easter eggs as well.
Enjoy your job; sometimes that flip of the coin can really be anxiety filled! But I was definitely due for a win.
TGIF and luv ya much :0)

Cindy Lou said...

Yes you and Ganky are very talented with the blogging I NEED LESSONS!!! I want to do more but cannot figure out how to do it!! I hope you all have fun this weekend and we will miss seeing your smiling face at church!!! I hope you have a good day and I did not forget about the potato salad I just don't see Brenda much during the week!! Sorry!!! Lot of Love!!

doublegranny said...

I sure am glad to see this beautiful day and I hope it will be the same for your trip. Here is the potatoe salad receipe: Boil 5 lb potatoes in a pot with the skins on. I like to use Green Giant potatoes. They seem to be better- boil 8 eggs- after potatoes are done peel the skins off - peel eggs- chunk potatoes in hunks- add dill pickle cubes-a jar of diced pimentoes-mayonaise mustard salt and pepper and if you have it put a little celery salt mix all together and you have Brenda's potato salad. Thanks for wanting my receipe