Thursday, April 30, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Feeling a bit blahzay this morning. Since my hysterectomy last fall, I just have days like that. For no particular reason at all. Just no oomph. Like my got up and go got up and went. That's me today. Five loads of laundry, my weekly housework day is today. Most days I can grin and bear it. Today, not so sure. One of my favorite daily reads, Leigh has got the best music playing on her blog. After I read her daily post, I just let her playlist play through. I enjoy it so much. Leigh, if you happen to read this, thanks so much!

Gotta go to the vet today and get Bandit's flea stuff -- what's it called -- Advantage? Is that it? Whatever it is. She's out of hers and heaven knows we don't want a flea. I itch enough without any help from critters.

The green lagoon (pool) is looking better. I've babied it like a newborn. It has responded nicely. The sod finally came last night about 8:30. Jeff's good friend Eric was over getting a playbook for football, so he and Cam helped him lay one pallet. When he gets home today, I'm sure he'll start on the other one. Doubt he'll finish before he leaves for practice.

I ordered a shirt from one of my daily reads and it came yesterday. If y'all want to go over and look at what she's got, go here. It was so cute. I ordered it Sunday and it came yesterday. Not bad. I like buying things online. It's so much fun getting stuff in the mail besides junk or bills.

Till tomorrow, or later if my keylime yogurt is fantastic, good Thursday to ya!


Theresa said...

Hope your get up and go comes back:) Love you and have the best day possible!!!!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I will bet that green pool is turquoise in no time. LOve the toes! HAve a great day! Missed ya. glad to be back!