Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For One on Four One

It was so much fun rounding up the pictures for today's post. After going through the boxes of pictures at my mom and dad's last night, I was able to find one of all four of us on our first birthdays! The boys look so much like their dad, don't y'all think so? I just look happy to be eating cake!! (Some things never change.) Last week I told y'all if you wanted a good laugh to go check out her site for I Wish Wednesday. If I did an I Wish Wednesday, I would wish that I could go back to when my babies were one for one day. I wonder if I went back to then if I would want to come back to now. Humm.

Got my walk in at 9:00 last night. My hubby was sweet and walked with me. We walked around the subdivision, so it was pretty boring, other than I had good company. It was wet and cold, but I went anyway. It really does help knowing that others are gonna wonder if I did. I'm not just strolling either, I'm walking fast. Swinging my arms too. I'm getting the job done. I haven't been sore either.

I have to work this afternoon. Yuck. It's raining and I don't want to drive in the rain anymore! I know we could still use a little more, but y'all I'm tired of getting wet. No pool liner yet either. I'm sure all the rain has thrown them behind. Maybe it'll go in next week. Of course we won't be swimming in it for a while, but it'll look pretty anyway.

Have any of you been April Fooled yet? Eli just got me good. He called and told me that he broke his leg last night. Well, if you know Eli (he's four, almost five) he can bend himself up into a pretzel and spends most of his time on the floor doing just that. I was shocked, but not surprised. I was thinking it's all that bending and stuff. He said he hit it on the coffee table. He TOTALLY had me going. He said it dead straight, no giggle or anything. Eli loves April Fools. He calls it that day when you trick people. I told Suz that if he called Mimi, he better trick her with something else, she'd probably flip out if he told her the leg thing.

Be sure and visit her today. She's the inspiration behind O Baby!
Hope everyone has a good Humpday Wednesday. Beware of the Foolery!


suzanne said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!! I can't hardly stand to see those pictures of Ross and Cam. My little babies!! Indeed they do look JUST like Jeff, which is funny 'cause now they look like you. And yes, of course I knew what a beautiful baby you were.
Got my workout in.. it was a serious one, too; elliptical, legs, abs.
I have to drive in the rain also, and I'm darn sick of it. At least you have a vacay next week to look forward to, dirty dog :0)
Eli had the best time fooling you. He lives for that stuff.
I love ya and enjoyed the pictures so much!

Theresa said...

Cute pictures! One of my favorites of you is with the watermelon:)and your cousins! Love old pictures and the kids just are all grown up:( It looks like I am gonna Mall walk again today. I saw a sweater that I liked yesterday at Penneys and I will have to walk before I shop. Avery has egg hunt and Easter party at school today, inside... pooh! Love you and be careful in the yucky weather.

Theresa said...

I have to double-dip on the comments, I thought the first picture WAS Cameron:0)

Joyce said...

loved the pictures! they are great! can't wait to see everyone elses! i posted all of us...except the ones married into the family i don't have. still walking... you'll see in my blog! have a great day! we'll pray for sun!

Crystal said...

I seriously thought that first picture was Cameron!!! It looks just like his fat-cheeked baby pictures.

wendy said...

I love digging through my old boxes of photos as well. And when i go visit my parents, I always pull out all the photos. They are great to see.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh that last pic is too cute.