Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Do. I Don't.

Nine o'clock a.m. and it's 61 degrees on April 29th. It's predicted to go up to 81 today and for the next several days. Mr. Sunshine will be out, with just the slight threat of Ms. Thunderstorm. Not bad for springtime weather.

Warm temps and sunshine have put me to thinking about all the things I do and, oh, yes, all the things I don't like about summer, which is just around the corner. Thought I'd share a few with y'all. We'll start with the Things I Like:
  1. Going barefoot.
  2. The smell of suntan lotion around a pool or beach. Or anywhere for that matter.
  3. Eating fresh Silver Queen corn with butter dripping off of it from my daddy's garden.
  4. Riding with the top down. Not my top down. The top down on the car. Sillies.
  5. Watching hummingbirds.
  6. Fresh tomatoes from Jeff's garden. And cucumbers. And squash.
  7. Sitting on the deck at LaParilla and watching the sun go down.
  8. Long days. Short nights.
  9. Watching my big boys fish off the pier at Tybee.
  10. Color. Everywhere. Color.

Things I Don't Like:

  1. The way my feet are so rough they could be used in place of sandpaper.
  2. Having to fill up the hummingbird feeders. Such an easy task, but such a pain.
  3. The mess the fresh veggies make when you bring them inside. Dirt everywhere. Y'all know I don't DOOO dirt.
  4. Having a To Do List that is so long that you'll never get it all done.
  5. Mosquitoes.
  6. Flies. I hate, hate, hate flies. And every time I open the door, as Nan would say, every bug in Henry County comes in!
  7. Wearing ladies undergarments. A/K/A a bra. Most uncomfortable in Georgia heat.
  8. Humidity. And hair in humidity. And makeup in humidity.
  9. Feeling dirty/sweaty/sticky.
  10. Being stuck inside having to work when I want to be outside. :0)

Do y'all have things you do and don't like about the warmer weather? Leave me a comment or post on your blog and let me know. Curious minds want to know. . .

Till tomorrow.


Theresa said...

Don't like Spiders in the pool, love the pool! We have big Spiders and a bunch of them:( Gotta do something about it. I LOVE the mornings, fresh morning air. I LOVE to sit on the patio and drink coffee early. I love the flowers blooming and your Daddy's tomatoes. My love list is much bigger than my don't love list... I love to sit by the pool and watch children having fun and smell something good cooking on the grill. Love kids playing ball in the driveway and riding their toys. Could go on and on! Love YOU and have a great day!

Kelly said...

Me, too, Theresa!!!! My love list is way longer!

barbo said...

Morning Kell: I am inviting you, Crystal, Suza to LUNCH at Theresa's favorite CHINESE restaurant. Time:11:30 on May 7th. I wanted to do wiener roast but my husband is having surgery the 8th. LOVE YOU ALL

wendy said...

Hey, are those YOUR feet at the top of your blog. cute!! I think my list would be much the same as yours. One of my favorites is taking my book outside, sit on my recliner under a shade tree and read, dream, and read. What do I hate --feeling sweaty hot when I am trying to sleep. HEY I ALREADY HAVE MENOPAUSE AS MY NEW BEST FRIEND, don't need extra heat addee.