Monday, June 1, 2009

Untitled Monday

We grilled -- or I guess I should say -- Jeff grilled chicken for supper last night. We had a huge crowd. Jeff's mom and dad came and a couple of Ross's friends. I heard the chicken was quite tasty. As usual, I couldn't eat it. After washing it, trimming the excess stuff of it that
Mr. Perdue and his team doesn't get, I wasn't hungry for it. In fact, I only ate a couple of Suz's chocolate chip cookies, which were yummy. I made her crockpot mac and cheese, which I'll include the recipe for. It's always a crowd favorite, and if you're fixing it for very many people, I'd suggest doubling the recipe. I made some roasted potatoes and I heard they were good, too. Then I made the most delicious salad, but that's going to be in my post tomorrow for part of my summer favorites. I did end up working in the kitchen most of the afternoon, but to see the faces of my nephews and niece eating and swimming, well, it's always worth it. I thankful that I'm able to do it and that I have a place they like to visit.

They swam like ducks. Eli, especially, loves it. I think he could stay in the water forever. He's so cute. He comes out when he has to go potty. He says that the pool water makes him have to go a lot. You have to wonder about the kids who stay in the water for a long time and never come out to go to the bathroom or the woods or whatever. Hmmmm.

Eli and Ross have a little bond between them. Eli thinks he's just as big as Ross. He likes to ride in Ross's big truck and when Ross's friends were in the pool and Eli had gotten out, when he got back in, he said to Ross and his friends, what're y'all doing. It was hilarious. Ross throws Eli up in the air, and Eli hits the water and comes up every single time with the biggest grin on his face. He wore Ross out last night. I bet that big boy is sore today. He lifted every single one of the kids and threw them. Even Reid. Here he is throwing Eli. He's on his tip toes so he can get him just as high as he can.

Today it's back to the grindstone, working at home getting depos out. I'm trying so hard to stay caught up. The family vacation is in a little less than three weeks. Ross is taking a friend and not sure yet if Cam is. You talk about testosterone. Honey, I'm gonna be surrounded by it for eight days in a relatively small two-bedroom condo. The boys fish and so they're gone most of the time, but when they're there, OMGosh. It's a lot of togetherness.

Here's the recipe for Suz's World Famous Crockpot Mac & Cheese

1 tall can evaporated milk

1 1/2 cup milk

2 eggs

1/2 stick butter

3 cups sharp shredded cheese

1 tablespoon salt

1 (8 ounce) box cooked macaroni.

Spray your crockpot with cooking spray. Mix all of the above. Cook in crockpot on low for 3 1/2 hours. My crockpot is whack, so it cooks really quick. It cooked it in about half the time. Know your crockpot.

Till tomorrow. Enjoy your Monday!


Theresa said...

Sounds like you all had a ball! I love the picture of Ross throwing Eli with the beautiful sky in the background! Love you and see you tomorrow:)

suzanne said...

Super post today! I've been looking forward to it, 'cause I knew it would be good!!
Ross and Eli crack me up, too. I laughed so hard last night. It was great. Let's have it every Sunday at your house! HA! Just kidding, but we could seriously do cheap pizzas and everyone pitch in, or else everyone bring their own thing. Reid said if he got to swim there more often, he might could do more tricks than just a pencil off the diving board!

Nana said...

Sounds like a great day! My house is where everyone likes to visit also. I am think of putting in a revolving door. I will have to try the mac and cheese. Have a great Monday!

Crystal said...

We all had a blast too, even with my bum foot! My kids second that motion of having it at your house....Ethan always begs me to call and see if we can have Sunday dinner at Kelly's house! In the summertime of course. Don't get me wrong, he also loves going to MiMi's house. In fact on his classes "What you will remember most about your Grandma" quilt he put that he will always remember his grandma for her Sunday dinners.

Cindy Lou said...

I bet you all did have a blast and I am looking forward to one tomorrow at Theresa's!!! I bet Eli will always remember Ross for taking the time to throw him like that into the pool!!! I love making memories!!! Have a great day and I love you!!


Sounds like a great day to me. I wish I could have been there too! I love grilled chicken.