Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Hate Doing This

I love clothes. It's almost a little bit of a sickness really. Okay. Not almost. It IS a sickness. Every time I have plans to go anywhere out of the ordinary, I buy something new to wear rather than taking the time to go through my closet and find something that would work just as well.

I'm extremely OCD about most everything in my house. There are, however, exceptions. My closet is one big one. I won't allow a crumb on the kitchen counter, but I'll stack clothes to the ceiling in my closet.

Well, it had gotten out of hand. I mean, really, really out of hand. In fact, my closet situation had gotten so bad that it was running out of the closet into the bathroom. I had gotten to the point of not hanging clothes up because there simply was no space on the rack.

There are clothes in that stack that I either tried on and didn't like how they looked. Or clothes that I wore once and just threw on the pile. I told Jeff today that the clothes situation had gotten out of hand. He said he thought the same thing just the other day. That sealed the deal. My closet must be cleaned out.

Like most everyone, I have spring and summer clothes and fall and winter clothes. I really wasn't quite ready to do the full switch. It's gonna be warm here for several more weeks. But in order to hang the clothes up, I was going to have to do some rearranging. And I was getting tired of going to my closet and seeing the same old summer stuff. I'm tired of pink and aqua.

So I went ahead and switched the summer clothes.
I had white T-shirts with a crew neck. White T-shirts with a V-neck. Loose fitting white T-shirts. Tight fitting white T-shirts. Several. Of. Each. The same with black. And how many aqua blue shirts do I need? I am sick.
So I emptied most of the summer clothes out of this closet and Jeff will put them in the extra closet when he gets home. I left some short-sleeved shirts to wear while it's still warm.
I filled up my closet with the fall/winter clothes that were in the extra closet.
I also made a section for "occasion" shirts. That's where I filed my Georgia Bulldog T-shirts, my Halloween T-shirts and, of course, my complete line of Christmas shirts. See, I told you I'm sick
And this is what I had left over.
Now, I would feel very guilty about this obsession I have with clothes. But I don't. And here's why. I will give those bags of clothes to Suz first. She won't be able to wear much of it, but she always gets mad when I give them away before she has a chance to look through them. Then after that, I'll give them to Crystal who will take them to work and share them with the girls there. Crystal's coworkers always love it when I clean out my closet.
I still have to bring my shoes down from the attic. And, here's the really sick part. I have a tote of my winter PJs. And also an entire tote of gloves, scarves and hats that will have to be brought down. I'm waiting awhile on that, though. It's not going to be cold enough here for flannel PJs or gloves and scarves for a while yet.
The great news is now that I know what I have, I know what I need to still buy to make my fall wardrobe complete. And it's not another white, black or aqua blue shirt.
Till tomorrow.


billypsmom said...

Kelly, your closet looks like my closet...why is it that we kill ourselves to make sure that nothing is out of place not one speck of dust on the floor but our closets look like a bomb went off in them...LOL well now you've guilted me into cleaning mine, oh I too love to shop & will use almost any excuse to buy new clothes :)

Theresa said...

Darn, now I have to take back your birthday present, white, black or aqua blue shirt... just kidding:) My closet is out of hand too! I have got to do some serious cleaning out soon, very soon! Love you and good job, good job!

suzanne said...

Doesn't really matter, we can clean our closets out every month, and we still would be up to our ears in clothes!!
Looks like you really did some cleaning out :0)

Cindy Lou said...

I am with you on the cleaning out the closet!! Mine needs it really bad!!! I have way to many clothes, shoes and purses!!! You did a good job!! Have a great evening!! Love you!!!

Crystal said...

Was I adopted? Am I the mailman's or the milkman's? I just don't share you and Suz's obsession with clothes.....although I probably should! It's pretty bad when the man in your life has the largest side of the closet because he has WAY more clothes than I do! There's something wrong with this picture.....maybe I need to work on getting a clothes obsession!! Anyway, yep the girls at work sure do look forward to you and Suz both cleaning out your closets!

Tracychele said...

Crystal is so funny! You can still buy white, black and aqua blue long sleeve t-shirts! I always feel better when I clean out the closet! My problem is that I walk to the door and kick my shoes off and where they land is where they stay until I have to sit on the floor and look for them because one went in front of the clothes and one went all the way to the back wall! You would think I would just stop doing that! I need to shop for gloves this year. I can NEVER find them on that one day it snows outside! Love you and have a great day!

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

You have an extra closet? I have 4 kids and a 3BR house. Finding myself jonesing for even a part of a closet....