Friday, September 11, 2009

Why I Hate Laundry

We're a family of four. Only four. Yet we have no less than 10 loads of laundry every week. That seems like an awful lot for only four people. Especially when you consider that usually I'll wear my dresses and work clothes more than once. Unless I drip something on myself, which I seem to be doing more and more lately. I could never understand how my mom always managed to drip something on her shirt. I think it comes with age. I will be 44 soon, you know.

It's not the amount of laundry that I hate. It's not the scavenger hunt that I have to make to round up the laundry. Just yesterday, I found a pair of Cam's jeans, complete with belt still in them, in the driveway. Now, how in the world did that happen? Did he just drop his pants in the driveway? And what did he put on? It's not unusual to find Ross's dirty socks on the bookcase in the living room. In fact, I will make sure I check the bookcase before doing laundry.

In all fairness on the subject of laundry, Jeff does most all the laundry at our house. I know, I know, isn't that marvelous? And when I say "does" the laundry, I mean he does it all. Every step. He even knows that most of my clothes don't go in the dryer, so we always play what he calls, "Dry or No Dry". Just to be sure that he doesn't mess up royally.

It's not the folding of the laundry that I hate because I do love to fold laundry warm from the dryer. It's not putting the laundry away, because each of us puts away our own.

No, friends, this is what I HATE ABOUT LAUNDRY!

That darn, dirty, nasty, dusty lint filter. I hate cleaning it. I mean, I do clean it. I clean it almost every time before I put a load in the dryer. Our dryer is sorta old and if you don't clean the filter, your clothes take about 38 tries before they get dry.

When you pull it out, lint and dust go everywhere. When you put it back in, lint and dust go everywhere again!

I know that's probably a stupid reason to hate doing laundry when there are so many others that are more valid. But yep, that's why I hate it.

Do y'all hate that stupid lint thing too? Or are you like this little vintage housewife doing laundry with a big smile on her face?

Moving on. Cam's leaving tonight at 6 o'clock. I'm getting a little sad thinking about him being gone for 10 days. He's never been away from home that long. I'm gonna miss him!

Till tomorrow, HAPPY FRIDAY!


Barbo said...

Maybe small drips is why your genius mother wears aprons now. If i pick up a fork I drip. Have you ever noticed that restaurants have combination fork, spoon and of course everything falls out. I had rather dig ditches than do laundry. I have got where I am like your dad i cant stand smells. Tell Cam to be careful.Love ya'll

Cindy Lou said...

Life would not be normal if I did not drip something on my shirt everytime I eat!!! But I do more laundry that the law should allow!! I hate sticking my hand in dirty clothes to turn them the right side out!! UGH!! My dryer was taking a long time to dry and ended up having to get a new one!! I hope that Cam has a great trip and I know how you feel with him leaving!! Have a great evening! Love you!!

suzanne said...

Squeeze Cam for me!
I hate sorting laundry, putting it in the washer, putting it in the dryer, folding it, and putting it away. Other than that, I don't have much of a problem doing laundry. My husband isn't nearly as handy with it as yours is!

billypsmom said...

ughh, i'm right there with you!!! i hate to touch the dirty laundry, i hate to touch the wet laundry, i hate it when the laundry detergent gets on my hands...i guess you could say i plain hate the laundry!

Theresa said...

Well I don't have that much but i am not that perky laundry lady when I am doing it. I dry clean lots and have a load of whites and darks. My fella doesn't do any of it. I know cam will have a ball and will miss you too. Love you.

Dena said...

If I could hire a maid, the first thing I would have her take over is the laundry. There is not a single part of it that I enjoy...other than having clean clothes to wear because of doing it.

Katie said...

This is too cute. I don't like lint, either!

Thank you for your sweet encouraging words and prayers.

Theresa said...

Doing laundry this morning and thinking about your blog! My comment last night was from my iphone and for some reason... it never is quite right! Hope you all have a great weekend and maybe there will be an estate sale next Thursday or Friday for you to go to with your Auntie:) Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I just came across your blog and saw this entry. So many people HATE laundry. I used to be like that until I got the system organized and now I don't mind it so much. Everyone is pretty good about putting their laundry in the hamper (or suffer thy rath of me). Once the hamper is full, I bring it to my laundry area and sort into 4 different baskets. (One for whites, one for colors, one for towels, one for blacks, etc.) and once one of those baskets are full, I have enough to do a load of that particular color. Start a load at night before bed and it is ready to dry or go on the line first thing in the morning, followed by another load. I fold and put away as soon as they are done so I don't have stacks of folded laundry all over my house. (yes, that used to happen) Since I started using the clothesline laundry is easier. I hang both loads in the morning and go about my day and forget about the laundry. After dinner I take from the line and fold while watching TV in the evening. VIOLA! Laundry all done and caught up on.

Joyce said...

My family waits for me to drip food on my chest. Happens every meal. Sometimes it is the last bite too. So Papa does most of the laundry at my house too. He is great at getting stains out! lol