Thursday, September 3, 2009

Working, Yes, Indeed I'm Working

Last week was a super busy workweek for me. I worked every day except Friday. And by that I mean I went out on depos every day except Friday. The real bulk of my work has to be done at home. And that's what I've been working on this week. It's a simple concept really. If I don't get my jobs out, I don't get paid. Therefore, I must work.

In between working, though, I've been working on a little dining room project. Nothing earth shattering, but an improvement for sure. And I've got another improvement, hopefully, coming soon. I've got to get Jeff in on this part, so that might be a little more difficult than hanging a curtain or painting a chandelier. I'll post pictures tomorrow of the finished Phase 1. Phase 2 will be a little longer.

Cam's going to Disney over their fall break. Wow! I got a bit of sticker shock yesterday when I went to look at the ticket prices. They're going to be gone for a full 10 days. So much fun for him, but a real dip into my pocketbook that's for sure.

He's taken his camper down to the hunting land. Auntie Theresa, he loved his little gift. He couldn't believe you sent him something. But then again, you don't miss a beat. He immediately put his plates and bowls in the cabinet. Took the tags off the dish towel and threw them away. In my house, he'd have just let them fall on the floor. And I despise those little plastic thingies that hold tags on. Yeah, he'd have let that fall too. In his camper, though, they went neatly into the trashcan. He folded his towel and put it by the sink, just like I do inside. I really wonder when he is out on his own in a few years if he'll be neat like that. It's just been so much fun to watch him with that darn thing. Even if he doesn't get a deer -- which I really hope he does for $600 it cost to join that club -- I know he's going to have a lot of fun camping. He paid for half of the cost to join and for all of the camper. I think he wants it pretty bad.

Nan's mom is having a heart cath this morning as I speak -- well, type. Pray that she does well and everything's fine. Nan has had a pretty long week worrying about her.

Jeff took the day off today. I've got a Honey Do List a mile long for him. (But I didn't tell him that.) And we're going to his mom's for lunch. She's making lunch for Jeff's sweet brother
P-nut. Happy Birthday P-nut!!!!!
Just a couple more days till kickoff. Can't wait to see that Bulldog red on my new TV. That's my excitement for the coming weekend. How about you? Whatchy'all doing this weekend? (That's lingo me, my mom and my sisters use.)

Till tomorrow! Happy Thursday!


Cindy Lou said...

Well we are so thankful that you have to work to be working on! Yay for cam!! Prayers going up for Nan's mom. Yeah my Jeff is coming home this weekend and my honey do list is really long!!! On my schedule this weekend...what ever Justin wants to do!! lol...I know part of it is watching those Dogs!! Have a great day and I love you!

jen said...

Hi, I'm Jen and it's nice to meet you!! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit and I look forward to following yours! You sound like one busy Gal!!

Have a great weekend!!


Joyce said...

I think the kids appreciate things more when they pay for it themselves.... like the camper. Good for him!
My brother works in the cath lab... he performs the inserting of stints, etc and teaches it and stuff. I don't pay attention to people occupations too much but he helped me out to understand what what going on with Lanny a few years ago. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

Dena said...

We too will be in a camper this weekend. We're heading to the lake with some good friends for one last hurrah of Summer.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Theresa said...

Oh, can't wait to see the redo of your dining room! I am having so much fun changing things around my house. Not something I am comfortable with but blogging has helped me to embrace change. Seeing the beauty that others create with a simple redecorating project. I am going to help my Knoxville family today move, gotta get there and back so I can see Justin:) Glad Cam liked his little gift... he is a good boy! He will probably keep his place neat like his Mama and the camper is good practice! Love you and have a blessed day!

Theresa said...

Praying for Nan's Mom! Love you!

Tracychele said...

Too funny that you and the girls make up words! My Mom and I have trained our phones to say the word "Whatchoodoin"!! I hope Cam has a great time on his trip! He is all grown up! Bittersweet, I guess. I will also be watching Red and Black this weekend!! Go DAWGS! have a wonderful weekend!