Sunday, September 13, 2009

When It's Over. . .

. . . it's over. I'm going to end the suffering for my summer annuals and for me this week. I'm going to pull them up. They've gotten so big and bushy -- and just downright ugly -- that I'm putting them out of their misery. They were beautiful in their day and they made me happy all summer. But when it's over, it's over.

I'm going to be planting pansies. Even though I've never had much -- ANY -- luck with pansies, I think they're pretty and I like the idea of keeping some color in the yard, even in the winter. I'm not going to go hog wild with it. I'm only going to plant a few pots.
Because I'm not stupid enough to think that my pansies will look like those above for very long. Oh, no. This is what my pansies end up looking like.

Back in March, I was complaining that Spring was coming to every yard except mine. I wrote about it here. In order to have a yard full of blooming flowers in the early Spring, you have to plant lots of these.
It's still too early to plant them around here, but I'm going to go on and buy them while there is such a good selection. I'll put them in the fridge for a few more weeks so they'll get a good chill on them before I plant them. And then come next March, I'll have a yard looking like this.
Cam's having a good time. Yesterday they were at Epcot. Epcot. And look what my son finds interesting.
Yes, that is a squirrel. I hope he doesn't bring it back home with him.
He also sent me this picture. It's blurry, but it tells me he's having fun.
Drew's mom sent me a message last night that he had gotten bit by something -- I don't think it was the squirrel -- and that it was red and hard, but not hot. Cam said it didn't itch, but it did hurt. His mom was so sweet to be concerned about it. She took him to the first aid station at the park. They put some ointment on it and a bandage. I'm sure, if I know Cam, he was mortified that he, the mighty warrior, had to have a bandage for a bug bite. I guess he's okay because I haven't heard from him since late last night. His dad and I had to give him a constant update on the UGA game. He was thinking about his team even while he was gone. That's my boy!
Ross is recovering from a nasty sinus infection that had him sick several days last week. I held my breath thinking he may have caught the flu from Ethan. I took him to the doctor because his temp was right at 102. He didn't have any of the symptoms of the flu, but had all the symptoms of a sinus infection. So that's what the doctor treated and he's feeling a lot better. I had to threaten to cancel his truck insurance and make him pay for it himself to get him to go. Hey, that's all the ammo I had. When your son is that age and size, it's not like I could pick him up and put him in the car. But I knew he was sick. That boy hates going to to the doctor. He thinks they're full of malarkey. But he's doing a lot better since going.
Gotta get ready for church. I'm late as it is.
Till tomorrow, have a good Sunday! And live, love, laugh with those you live, love and laugh with!


Tracychele said...

Kelly, I answered your question this morning on my blog, but thought I would put it here too! I did put this link on last week, but here it is again. I have posted pictures of three wreaths I made. I did some things different, though. I used a straw wreath instead of cardboard. I think for a few extra dollars, it looks nicer. I left the straw wreath in the plastic so the straw would not interfere with the ribbon and when I used sheer ribbon (the candy corn wreath), I spraypainted the plastic on the wreath black prior to tying the ribbons! It is fun and super easy! Love you and here is the link to:
Now in response to your blog! Ross is such a MAN! Derek hates to go to the Doctor. What is it about guys and Doctors? It drives my crazy. And GO DAWGS! Holy cow. What a football game! That was a true battle that really had me on the edge of my seat (bed)! Amazing game that ended up very well for us! Love you and have a wonderful Sunday! Hope Cam is ok. Glad Ross is feeling better.

billypsmom said...

I loved the pictures of your yard in your earlier blogs...i planted up some mums & have a few bulbs to get into teh ground..i guess you hit the nail on the head, when it's over it's over...

Theresa said...

Yep, I gotta do something about Fall color too. Never planted pansies but have planted mums. They just don't last like pansies do. I have some stuff that will be blooming in another few weeks! Hope Cam's bug bite is OK, and Ross feels better. Love you and enjoyed seeing you at Church!

Cindy Lou said...

I just am not a planting type person!! I only have in my yard what god put there!! lol!! I hope Cam's bite gets better and glad to know Ross did not have the flu and glad he is feeling better! Good seeing you at church...Love ya!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Your yard is going to be lovely!