Sunday, September 20, 2009

Winning Weekend

Meet the new vice president of Harmony Elementary School's Student Council.

Alayna, Crystal and Suz worked on a couple of posters for Alayna's campaign last Sunday night. We helped her come up with some great ideas. Then, as is Alayna's character, she wanted to do all the work herself. They were, after all, her posters!

She gave her awesome speech on Friday and then the election was held. She ran against three other students. SHE WON! I am so proud of her and whatever her duties are as vice president, I'm sure she'll handle them above and beyond expectations.

Yesterday afternoon, Jeff's rec team, the Tigers, had a game at 2 o'clock. It was raining and has been raining for the past few days. It didn't let up for the game either. At North Henry, they play in the rain unless there's thunder and lightning. No thunder. No lightning. Just tons of rain.

The team they were playing was their biggest competitor, the Tucker Lions. Huge rivalry. Both were undefeated. Till yesterday. . . now only the NORTH HENRY TIGERS are undefeated! And being the sweet coach's wife that I am, I sat through the whole thing and filmed for my coach hubby. Fortunately, I was allowed to sit in the press box, which was covered. But it was oh, so humid.

After filming the game I came home and took a fat nap. I had to get my strength up to yell and scream for the Dawgs. They were playing the Hogs from Arkansas.
I love a couple of girls who blog from Arkansas. They are Razorback fans, so I was really excited about this game.

We went to $3 Cafe to watch the game. It was packed, but Ronnie and Nan got there about an hour and a half before gametime. They got awesome seats. It was mostly Georgia fans, but there were a few Gator fans who stuck around after their game just to pull for Arkansas and be obnoxious. You know Gators and Dawgs don't mix. It got kinda quiet for a while after that. The food there was really good, much better than I expected. It was a good time. After going back and forth with touchdowns, Georgia ended up winning. We were two happy Georgia Bulldog fans!

Ethan is having an exciting day today. His football team is going to the Atlanta Falcons game at the Dome. Then after the game, the little kids get to play a game there. How fun is that? We've got some work to do on Ethan. For some dumb reason, he's a Florida Gator. Yuck! We're working on a transformation, so far, with no luck.
I'm expecting Cam around 5 this afternoon. He kept me busy during the game last night. Every time something happened, I had to text him because they were traveling and he couldn't watch it. With the score 52-41, you can imagine that I was texting a bunch.
It was indeed a winning weekend!
Till tomorrow.


suzanne said...

Cute pictures! I'm proud of Naynapie, too.
I didn't even know that about Ethan. How fun for him! I've never even been to a Falcons game. Those Florida Gator fans are so obnoxious, I was watching them last night. UGHHHHH! We simply must work on converting Ethan to our side.
I like your new haircut. You look like a hip chick. Very CUTE.

Theresa said...

Yeah Alayna great job. Go dawgs. We watched it too. I love a high scoring game. I hope Ethan has a good time today. Love you.

Cindy Lou said...

Yeah for Alayna!!! The game was great!! Missed you at church!! Love you!!

Nan Kelly said...

I like that Pic of you and Jeff. Is that the one you took last night? Put the one up of me and Missah on Facebook one day. I sure like watching the games with y'all. I know I ak don't mean no harm.


I loved the pictures....congrats to Alayna...I am tickled for her. Your weekend sounded like it was one of those for the record books. I have missed reading you....hopefully will be back in the blogging swing of things this week. The parent missing deal just took more out of me than I could have imagined. Have a happy Monday!

Tracychele said...

Great Job Alayna! That profile pic of her looks so much like her Mommy! We watched the game out of town. We actually had our dinner reservations changed so we would be back in the room to watch! I love games with high scores! It makes for an exciting game! I am happy to be home and have things back to normal as I am sure you are! Have a wonderful day!

Katie said...

Cute list about Cam. So sweet.

Love your new header picture, by the way. ; )