Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Not Whether You Win or Lose

But how you play the game. Yeah, I know, I know. The Bulldogs didn't play "the game" very well yesterday. And, in fact, they lost. Not so much fun to watch them lose.

Despite my team losing the game, we still managed to have a good time. I didn't make a single picture. I don't know why. I just didn't pull my camera out. I'll try to give y'all a visual since I don't have any "real" pictures.

Corn dip, Mexican layered dip with fresh tomatoes and fresh homegrown jalapenos, chips and salsa, Cajun crab dip, peanuts and M&M's and magic bars. This was just the appetizer table. Where I proceeded to completely pig out. I was so full of the yummy snacks that I had no room for the main course, which we were going to eat at halftime. We bought four pounds of BBQ. I made the BEST baked beans and a pasta salad. We had three and a quarter pounds of BBQ left. Almost all of the baked beans and almost all of the pasta salad. Leftovers don't go to waste here, though. Cam's already had a sandwich from the BBQ this morning.

Okay. That's a visual of the food. Now for a visual of watching the game. Everyone in red and black. Imagine Jeff with an intense, concerned, grimaced look. Then picture that same look -- well, maybe not as intense or grimaced -- on everyone else's face. It was not good. Picture Nan yelling at the TV. Adults jumping and barking when the dawgs did something good, which was only once or twice. There you have the visuals of watching the game.

After the ugly loss was over, we went out and sat by the pool for a little bit. The mosquitoes ran us back inside. I cannot stress enough my hatred of bugs.

Once inside, what did we do? We ate some more. And some more. And some more. The guys watched the Alabama game and thank goodness, they won. Yay, for the SEC.

Finally, I crawled into bed around midnight. I was exhausted. I think I was exhausted from eating and watching all that football. Because that's basically all I did, but it wore me out. Does watching football make y'all tired?

Oh, and BTW, Reid's team finally got a win yesterday. Yay!!! They've been in a bit of a rut this season and had not won a single game. And guess what else? Reid scored a touchdown! Yay, Reid. Wish I could have been there.

Till tomorrow. Hope you're enjoying this Labor Day weekend!


Tracychele said...

Pretty crappy loss indeed! We were so frustrated! I know people say this alot but the Refs really made a few bad calls! Even the commentators were saying that! Ohh well. I hope that game is not a hint of what the season is going to look like! Well, sounds like you guys had a great time regardless. Good company and good food makes you get over it a little faster! Have a wonderful Day!

Theresa said...

I love watching football. I actually watched part of the game with Justin and that was fun! We were yelling and doing our part to help them down the field! Sorry they lost but happy Reid won and congrats on the touchdown, Reid! Love you and rest today:)

Katie said...

You are precious and so full of life.

I'm blessed to have your prayers and thoughts our way. Katie Rowe

billypsmom said...

We love football! Great visual on both the game & the food...I was drooling on my keyboard! LOL!

Nana said...

Hey, even though they lost it sounds like a great time to me!!!! Sounds like us watching the U. Of U. games. Only we are in Red and White.

wendy said...

Oh man, my mouth is salivating!!! that food sounded wonderful. I love "football party food" I love football. I may not see as much of it here in Alberta as I did though before. Before, I was married to a high school football coach, all my boys played football get the drift. And of course watching the games are exhausting ---all that cheering, jumping up and down, heart pumping adreniline and EATING.
I should be back to blogging more regularily now and look forward to keeping in better touch with everyone.

Renee said...

I watched that Alabama game also but we were cheering for Virginia Tech (they didn't play very well, did they?). My husband and I both graduated from there. I was falling asleep in the fourth quater. That game was late.