Saturday, September 19, 2009

Missing My Mouseketeer

Eight days is a long time. I've never been away from either one of my boys for that long. I'm starting to really miss Cam. I've talked to him every day and I think he's beginning to miss home a little too. He'll be traveling today from Orlando to Perry, Georgia to stay the night with some of Drew's family. Pray for a safe journey.

In the meantime. . . thought it might be fun for me to name some things that I've noticed around here while he's been gone.

1. The laundry for our family of four has been cut more than half. Cam has a very bad habit of putting clothes in the dirty clothes when they've just been washed. He'd rather do that than put it away. Isn't that odd behavior for a teenage boy?
2. Random objects found lying around has nearly ceased. Ross does his fair share. They leave strange, unknown-to-me important things everywhere. I throw lots of them away. All of us around here assume if something is missing, then I've thrown it away.
3. The toothpaste splatters on the mirror in the boys' bathroom ceased.
4. I haven't found a single sock on the bookcase in eight days.
5. I've been able to find all my iPod cords.
6. I've managed to keep the same $40 dollars in my wallet the whole week.
7. There hasn't been one food wrapper in the sofa cushion.
8. I haven't searched for the remote to the TV all week. He likes to tuck it in cushions.
9. There haven't been any half-empty Diet Coke cans left on the counter.
10. Bandit has pooped in the house twice this week while he's been gone. Guess he took her out more than I thought.

The biggest thing, though, that I've noticed is that I miss all of those things more than I thought I would. It's time for him to come home.


Joyce said...

Ah... mama is missing her baby. Can't blame you. He'll be home soon enough! Have a great day!

Cindy Lou said...

Oh I know that missing your boy feeling way too well! That is something we don't think about when they are home and we as moms fuss about all those little things and when they are gone you just about go crazy missing them!! He will be home soon and then all things will be back to normal!! Lucky you!!! Have a good day!! Love you!!

reid said...
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Theresa said...

Well I had tears! I have a few grandchildren over her that you can borrow if you get really lonely or need to drive them from one place to another:) Just kidding, I am enjoying having them and will miss them when the parents return to retrieve them. I am sure Cam has had a great time and he'll be happy to get back home AND will have lots of tales to tell. Love you and let me know about tomorrow.

suzanne said...

I'm gonna try this comment again. I miss him, too! I would say I can't wait to hear his stories, but he probably won't say much, knowing Cam.

billypsmom said...

aww, i missed this post yesterday! it's sweet & such a good idea naming all of those those things off!