Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Darts and the Swine Flu

Labor Day '09 is in the books. Summer's last roar was more like a soft purr. Everyone was mellow and lazy. Even though I had to get ready for everyone to come for lunch, I just felt so lazy and energyless. Jeff grilled hot dogs and everyone brought side dishes. We had plenty of food.

We grilled Nathan's hot dogs. I've never used that brand before and I thought they were much better than Ball Park or Bryan. I'm not a huge hot dog fan, but I like them hot off the grill.

Unless we get some very hot weather, that may have been the last time the kids get to swim this year. My water gets chilly quickly. They swam for a little while, but they didn't enjoy it like they usually do. Jeff and I got in Friday night for a little bit and it was cool, but not that bad. Yesterday it felt like it had dropped ten degrees.

So since they couldn't swim, they found something else to do. We drug out the dart board and let them play darts. Eli LOVED it. He played by himself throwing the darts for over an hour. All by himself. Some of the darts had a red, white and blue end and they said USA. He always wanted to use the American darts! Way to go, Eli!!

Cam and Reid took a short ride on the four-wheeler. No place to really ride around here.

This is Jeff's mom, Jean, and my dad. Jeff's dad was here too, but I think he was inside when I made this picture. She really enjoyed coming up and visiting. She's always so sweet to bring a little something, even when you tell her you don't need a thing. Yesterday she brought brownies.
Our moms chatting things over. Probably chatting about what great kids Jeff and I are. HA!
This is Joseph and his girlfriend, Kelsey. They've been "going out" for a pretty good while now. She's very, very cute. She didn't eat a thing yesterday. I guess that's probably how I was when I was dating. You never want to eat anything around your boyfriend's family. Maybe that's one reason you stay so thin when you're dating.

Later on in the afternoon, Jeff took care of making the homemade vanilla ice cream I had mixed up the night before.
It just wasn't as good as the last I made. I was disappointed. I think my vanilla wasn't very good quality. You have to use the good stuff. The expensive stuff. But. . . every drop was eaten. There was none left. Must've been better than I thought.
Ethan didn't eat any lunch, said he wasn't hungry. He played in the pool a little and threw darts a little. Then all of the sudden, he just crashed. He was on the swing wanting to cover up with a towel. Crystal checked his temp and it was almost 101. She found an after-hours clinic and took him. He's got the flu. And the doctor is 99 percent sure it's the swine flu. She told Crystal that of 100 swabs she's sent to the CDC, 98 have been positive for swine flu.
Pray for a quick recovery for him. He was very sick all night, throwing up and running a high fever. He stopped throwing up and managed to keep some soup down this afternoon. My mom went and picked up the Tamiflu the doctor prescribed. Crystal tried to get it last night, but every single pharmacy in town was out. She found it at this morning at one of the smaller pharmacies. I guess the chain ones can't keep it in stock.
So we went to court this morning for Cam's accident. We chose to take the first offender option, which basically means that the ticket won't go on his driving record at the DMV. Other than that, no benefit of taking it. I kinda wanted to ask for a trial, but I was also ready to get it over with. So that's what we did. We paid the fine and got the heck outta there. Hopefully, that chapter is closed. I hope so. It wasn't a very good book.
Till tomorrow family and friends, LLL.


Theresa said...

Everyone here said the water was a bit chilly but not cold yet! Eli is so darned cute and I always love pictures of your Daddy and of course, Jean too! Sorry about Ethan and hope he gets better and nobody else in the family gets
it:( As far as the Cam wreck, sometimes you have to put it behind you even though you know it wasn't his fault. Glad you flipped the page in that not so favorite book! That ice cream looked perfect to me! Love you!

Cindy Lou said...

Yeah the kids said that the water was chilly at Theresa's the only one that didn't stay in was Britani. The boys loved it! I love all your pictures and I am so sad Ethan has the flu!! :( I sure hope he gets over it quickly and that none of the rest get it!! I hear it is bad stuff!! Have a great evening and I love you!

Missy said...

Home made ice cream looks so good!

billypsmom said...

well it sure looks like you had some fun, it got really chilly up here in Massachusetts too! I do hope that Ethan gets better real quick!!!! I'll be saying a prayer for him tonight!

suzanne said...

I know, poor little Ethan! He was pitiful. It was suchhh a lazy day yesterday, but I think we all had lots of fun :0)
Goodbye summer, Hello fall!

Crystal said...

Well, it's now Wednesday and as of last night at about 9:30 Ethan still had a fever of 101 but luckily had been able to keep everything down since about 1:00 Tuesday afternoon. He woke up a few minutes ago and I stuck a thermometer in his mouth and WoooooHoooooo it was normal!!! Maybe the swine flu has flown away! HAHA! Thanks to everyone for the prayers and get well wishes and keep them up so that we all don't come down with it!!

Tracychele said...

Poor little Heathen! (as Alex and Avery would say it!) I am so sorry he is sick, but sounds like it is not a terribly bad case of it! Glad you guys go together like we did to say goodbye to summer! See ya! I love fall anyway! Have a great day!!

Nana said...

First, Nathan hot dogs are all I will use. Tried em, can't eat any other kind.

The ice cream looks great. I hate it when I make something and I am not happy w/ the results.

So sorry about the Swine Flu invading your family. Hope the little guy is better soon.

Finally, that sounds like a crappy book!