Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fish Fry

Yesterday I had my final follow-up for my recent surgeries. The doctor said I had healed perfectly and she was very pleased with my progress. She gave me the go-ahead to do anything that I felt like doing. The key word there, as I am finding out, is FELT or FEEL like doing. It doesn't mean that I have to do or should feel like doing any particilar thing. It only means that if I FEEL like doing it, she doesn't have any restrictions on me to do anything. Today I felt like washing my front porch and back deck. It's an annual ritual for me to do. They get so covered in pollen and dust and mildew. I gave them a good washing and now they look so nice and ready for the rest of the spring and summer.
Jean has got the prettiest Knockout Roses. Jeff and his brothers gave them to her a few years ago for Mother's Day. She isn't able to prune them or give them any special treatment, but just look how pretty they are. Each one is full of blooms. This one is red. It's from Ronnie.
The yellow one is from Jeff. They don't make a Knockout Rose that starts with a J, so they just chose the yellow one to be from Jeff.
The pink one was from P-nut.
Considering how little care has been given to them, I was surprised by the blooms. They were so pretty.
We picked up Jean and her sister, Dot, to go and visit their other sister, Anne, who has moved into an assisted living home. At first the transition was so hard on her entire family, but she seems to have adjusted well.
The home hosted a fish fry tonight. The residents were encouraged to invite their families. So Jeff and I took Jean and Dot to the fish fry.
They had fried up so many good fish! And hushpuppies! So, so good.

Anne is on the left. That's her son, Ted, who is Jeff's cousin and BFF growing up. They grew up next door to each other. Jean and Dot are also in the picture. I know Jean misses having her sister right next door. They were next-door neighbors for at least 50 years!

The home also made the cutest banana pudding cups.
Why can't I ever think of something like that?
We had the most beautiful sunset while we were driving back home. We were driving straight into it and it was gorgeous. I never get tired of a pretty sunset.

Two of my uncles from South Georgia drove up today to visit with my daddy and my mom. I baked a pound cake for them to have with their lunch. My MaMa Kimball always had a fresh pound cake. I even put it in her big, old, green Tupperware bowl that she used to store her pound cakes in. I think it makes the cake taste even better, if that's possible. Jeff was so sweet and took it over to their house last night when it was still warm from the oven. Daddy said it was the best he'd ever had. I guess after all he had been through, it probably was.

After my appointment yesterday, I took another small nap and that nap got me over the hump. I feel like I have recovered from the stressful hospital stay. I am taking life one day at a time. But that's how we're supposed to do it, right? Thankful for each blessing that comes my way and taking advantage of every chance I'm given to spend time with loved ones, that's what I'm trying to do. And tonight I was able to enjoy my mother-in-law and her sweet sisters at a fish fry.

Looking forward to a nice weekend. Hopefully, the weather will be nice enough that I can get some flowers planted. That is, if I FEEL like it.

Till next time...



suzanne said...

Ended up st the fish fry huh? I had a feeling you might. Love you!

Theresa said...

Love you! One day at a time means so much to me. God is with us always!

Joyce said...

It was weird to read this today knowing what your weekend was really going to be like! I am praying for you all and will continue to do so. God's blessing are flowing over you at this time. xoxo