Monday, April 14, 2014

Living Life

We visited the farm in South Georgia where my MaMa and PaPa Kimball lived, farmed, and raised their family. My uncle, Bobby, has a house on a portion of what used to be the tobacco field. He had all of us down for Easter. Nice photo bomb, Reid. There's a definite art to photo bombing.
Everyone brings food. It's a potluck. There was chicken, ham, a beautiful salad, the best poppyseed chiicken casserole I've ever eaten, a yummy hashbrown potato casserole, and lots of other yummy stuff. My aunt, Libby, makes the best baked beans. There are two things that MUST be at every Kimball family get-together. One is Libby's baked beans and the other is Jefff's chocolate delight. We had both. Jennifer's mom made a very good banana pudding. Who doesn't love banana pudding?!
Sometimes I look at my handsome sons and nephews and my beautiful niece, and I can't believe they are
the same little kids they used to be. How they grow up on you while you're busy living life.
Wish I could hear what Ross and Reid are conversing about.


Alicia and Cam

We don't have any "little" kids in the family anymore. Thankfully, we have some "not so little" kids that still like to bend over and pick up a plastic egg filled with Easter candy.

I love this one of sweet Ethan. There is something special about that boy. I got to spend some one-on-one time with him Friday when he helped me with some chores. I told him we could use a doctor in the family, and that I thought he'd make a good one. He chuckled.

My girl, Alayna. This is a big week for her. She gets her braces off on Thursday. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE! Love her so.

Ethan, Alayna, Eli, Colby, Emma and Hannah.

We fished and caught at least 100 of the smallest fish you've ever seen. But before leaving Twin Ciy, Georgia, we drove the small distance to Garfied, Georgia, where my grandparents are buried. Rest their souls. I miss them so much.

That was our Kimball Easter. It's always fun to go down to the farm and pond where I have so many great memories.
But today is someone's birthday who is very special to me! Can't even believe that this little guy is 10 years old today! He is the bonus given to our family. He's proof that being around a happy person will make you happy, too. Wish I could be around him more! Love him so, so, so much!


Looking forward to a wonderful week: I'm back to work, so far, so good. Just still weak and not much energy at a time. I think that anesthesia takes it out of you for a little while. Alayna's braces come off Thursday. Daddy finally is seeing a doctor whose specialty is uncontrolled diabetes. Stuffing billions of Easter eggs. Planning the menu for the couple of places we'll spend Easter Sunday. But mostly I'm looking forward to celebrating Christ's resurrection the ENTIRE day on Sunday. I have chills thinking about it.

Till next time... If you can be anything, be kind.


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Theresa said...

Time flies right by! It is fun to see those big kids still loving to do what they loved as little kids! I don't like it that they are all getting so big but so goes life! I can't wait to hear what this doctor says about your Daddy! I pray that he has the answer to help him feel better! Enjoy your day dear Niece! Looks like we better keep our umbrella in our purses:) Love you!