Saturday, April 19, 2014

So What'd You Do Today

Inevitably, the day before a holiday is going to be a crazy, busy day. I'm not exactly sure why, since you can look at calendars far into the future dates the and see exactly when Easter 2015 is going to be. But I bet next year on the Saturday before Easter, I'll be having another crazy, busy day. I just don't understand.

Today was no different. I woke up at 7:30 a.m. and haven't stopped till now, at 8:33 p.m.

Here's a sample of what I did today. I made my mom's Crusty Pound Cake. Do you ever need a relatively simple, very southern and very homemade dessert? This is the perfect thing. It also uses ingredients that, even I, have on hand. Well, all except for the eggs. My daddy brought me a dozen REAL EGGS. Yeah, you know, the brown-colored ones that come from real, farm-raised chickens! I'm lucky, I know.

Should've greased and floured the pan better. It stuck like crazy. I thought I was going to ruin it.

It looks so pretty in my glass cake dome! It's a pretty cake! The appearance doesn't hold a candle to the taste of it, though! It's so moist, little lemony, little vanilla, WONDERFUL!

I wanted to make a squash casserole for Easter lunch tomorrow. Lots of cutting and slicing in this little dish, girls. But that hot, squash casserole will be wonderful! It's another one of my moms's recipe.

I had been looking for an Easter apron or something springy, something festive. I couldn't find anything. So if I see an Easter apron on clearance anywhere or if I can remember next year, I want to get an Easter apron.

Michael's came to my rescue, though, with a plain canvas apron, a beautiful cross and verse of scripture iron-on transferrable. I made myself an Easter apron.

Of course, I stuffed eggs and got everything ready for the Easter bunny. Yes, I realize that my children are grown and, no, I'm not crazy. At least not in that sense. I hope to always be able to make the boys' an Easter bucket. What a fun time to give them just a little something!
I called my daddy this morning to see if he'd like to take an Easter lito his momma and daddy's grave. He said he would if he had one. Well, they were on sale at Publix for $5.99. So I bought one and took it over and rode with him to visit their grave. Someone had put two beautiful crosses, with the prettiest little robin eggs on them. These two graves stood out in the cemetary with all the flowers and thoughtfulness given to them.

After we left the cemetary, daddy drove me around to one of the subdivisions he worked in when I was growing up. I couldn't begin to count the number of times I had heard him talking to someone about the Chapparal. The Chapparal, and the work it gave daddy, helped raise Crystal, Suz and me. Then he showed me a road he used to drive on as a teenage boy. He said he knew that he had gotten his car up to 100. It was a narrow, curvy road, too. Man, I bet he gave his momma a few gray hairs.

We got back to their house and I helped mom carry her groceries in the house. Is that not one of the worst domestic jobs there is? I hate it. I will carry 48 bags and practically dislocate my shoulder to make one trip. She hates it, too.

Came home and finished tidying up after my cooking earlier in the day. Then I gave myself a DIY mani/pedi. I am not a fan of DIY mani/pedis. I don't have a steady had, even though I've been polishing my nails since I was probably eight years old.

Oh, well. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday. I hope everyone celebrates the risen Savior we serve. I hope everyone eats too much of that oh, so perfect Easter candy. And I hope everyone enjoys the time they spend with their loved ones. I can tell you that A Girl Named Kelly Kelly plans to do all of the above. And bake two hams in the morning before church...

Till next time...



suzanne said...

You have been busy. I can't wait to eat some pound cake. That cake gets better as the days go by. Sounds like a very nice trip with daddy. Love you and can't wait until tomorrow.

Theresa said...

What a sweet and OH SO busy day! I had one too! Happy that you went to the cemetery with your Dad! I could have waited and went with y'all:) It is a busy time and yes, we knew what day it was ALL year! I am getting ready to get some rest and hit the ground running tomorrow! Hope you get some rest! See you tomorrow and looking forward to that tight Kelly Kelly hug! Love you!