Monday, April 7, 2014

The 40 Club

So last night we drove to Buford to celebrate Jason's Introduction to the 40 and Over Club.  Suz made the most delicious homemade barbeque.  And, of course, her world famous mac and cheese.  It was a fun Sunday Night Supper.  
She really outdid herself welcoming him to the club.  He looks pretty good for a 40-year-old!  He's a great husband, father, and brother-in-law!  It's wonderful to know that I have a Christian man married to my sister and raising their kids.  

No 40th birthday is complete without black balloons.  I think it's the ballons that make you need bifocals shortly after the birthday.
Coincidentally, we got to celebrate my favorite little boy's birthday, too.  He'll be 10 on April 14th.  Seems like only yesterday he was born.  But that's how time goes when you get older.  He's a wonderful addition to our family, and I couldn't imagine life without him.  He's a source of constant joy and energy.  
Can't wait to see where life takes this little fellow.  Wherever he goes, though, I know that he'll always remember me.  He always gives me a big hug and begs me to spend the night every single time I visit them.  
By the end of the night, this is how a lot of us felt.  Full, sleepy, but most of all happy!  
 Me and my sweet nephew, Eli.

 So tomorrow I have the final phase of my surgery.  Any prayers are appreciated.  I'm a little nervous, but I'm also praying that this will be the answer to a prayer I've prayed for several years now.  Some of the problems we women face ain't no joking matter.  So tomorrow I get put to sleep and fixed up.  Looking forward to a nice, restful sleep.  And  hoping for some good pain pills to come home with.    This was me and my little sissy, Suzanne, on the day of my last surgery.
I came home and Jeff treated me like a queen.  He was the best husband I could've ever asked for.  He has taken his vows, for better or worse, seriously.  That's the only good thing about having surgery.  You get treated just a little extra special.  I had flowers from MY Cam and MY Alicia.  A balloon and lots of other goodies from my other sissy, Crystal.  My mom brought me a pot of homemade soup and homemade cornbread.  My aunt Brenda and Barbara brought me the world's best chicken salad, which my whole family ate the rest of the week!  I got lots of cards that I kept on display to remind me how loved I was.  And I must say that today, A Girl Named Kelly Kelly feels like the most blessed girl on earth.

Till next time...

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Theresa said...

Yeah, SO happy to see you here! I loved seeing the birthday pics from your celebration for both Jason and Eli Marshall:) Love you my precious Niece! I am praying that your surgery goes well and you'll be on the road to recovery quickly! Enjoy your day! HUGS!