Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Busy Day

Today was house cleaning day. Jeff and I clean the house together every other week. You know, the good, deep-down cleaning that lets you sleep extra good after you do it. I wasn't able to do as much as I would normally do, but my sweet Jeffery took up my slack, just like he always does.

I had to finally toss my pretty flowers that Suz, Crystal, Cam and Alicia brought me after my surgery last week. I was sad at first, but then I thought about how much I have enjoyed them over the past week. I felt better about it after that. I was able to save six Gerbera daisies that Crystal gave me. I put them in this Mason-type jar. I'll get to enjoy them a few days more.

So if you need a good reason to take the best care of your body that you're able to, then read this sign that was at the diabetes doctor I took daddy to today. Ain't nobody wanting to stick their fingers SIX times a day! I learned a lot about diabetes today, but the most important thing I learned is I HOPE I NEVER HAVE IT. I know it runs in my family, but I pray that it runs the other way. In addition to that, I learned that my daddy is lucky to be alive. His diabetes has been completely out of control. 90 percent of the things that my daddy has been doing, some thinking it was the right thing to do, have been WRONG. Some of it was just him, as he put it to me, not "liking that word moderation." We have a lot of work to do. Diet, finger sticks, more lab work, lots of moderation. I'm praying that this doctor will help put us on the right track. It's a slow process. But we've got time and really, nothing else better to do. His and my mom's health are the most important thing right now. Gotta get them feeling their oats again.
I sat in my daddy's truck and just chatted for at least two hours. Really, it was longer than that. We talked about so many different things. The weather was lovely and there was a perfect little breeze blowing through the truck windows. He wasn't in a hurry, and neither was I. So we chatted.
When he left, I knew I still had the daunting task of shopping for an Easter dress. Where I come from, your Easter frockery is of the utmost imoprtance. My momma and daddy ALWAYS made sure that Crystal, Suz and I had new dresses, shoes, gloves, hats, socks and purses. Many years momma made our dresses. Lucky little girls we were.
I have shopped for weeks and weeks for my dress. I had even ordered two off the Internet, which I sent back to them barely taking them out of the packaging. I could tell by first glimpse that neither was what I was looking for.
Suz text me that she had seen some gorgeous dresses at Dillard's. We don't have a very good mall near me. She has the Mall of Georgia, only the best mall in the whole state. I thought, yeah, right, Dillard's has the gorgeous dresses at your mall. They won't have diddly-squat at mine.
The Lord took a little burden off me, though. I nearly pulled a muscle in my arm carrying all the beautiful, colorful dresses I wanted to try on.

Easter Dress Conquest 2014 is over. I got the perfect dress. It wasn't at all the color or really the style I was looking for, but I love it, and I know I'll get a lot of use of it, too.

Next time I'll just go to Dillard's to begin with.

Till next time...



Theresa said...

What a sweet day you had:) Riding in your Daddy's truck:) I am SO happy that he is getting some direction on how to control the Diabetes. It sounds like he is going to be getting on the right track. Prayers answered, yet again:) Love you dear Niece!

Joyce said...

Wow! I didn't even realize you were back to blogging. I am working on it but I have been so sick the past couple of weeks I was not doing much of anything. I will have to catch up with you now! Happy Easter!!!! He is Risen!

suzanne said...

So glad you found a dress! I had total confidence. Enjoy reading every day. :)
Love you :)