Friday, June 19, 2009

The Beach Calls

And I must answer. I've gotten so addicted to my daily reads and family bloggers and adopted family bloggers, though, that I'm taking my laptop, so I'll be visiting with y'all every day. And BTW, if you're looking for something new to read, my cousin Tracy, has started her own blog. She's a busy woman with four kids and also very talented too! I can always check in with my Blackberry, but I can't comment from it. I'm hoping to blog there too. Some of the things that go on on vacation are just to good not to put in writing.

Before I can answer the call from Tybee, I must answer the nine zillion other things that are calling my name. Ugh.

Till tomorrow. TGoodnessIF! Happy Weekend!


Theresa said...

I know you will have a wonderful vacation! You keep in touch with us:) We will wish for good weather for you all! Love you!

Week-Ender said...

Have a wonderful time, Kelly! Thanks for the "plug" telling people about my new blog! I really appreciate it! I am trying to comment more, although I have the blackberry too and that is where I read most blogs. It is really hard to comment from there so I have to remember to go back to the computer and do it! Thanks for the sweet comment on my NEW BLOG! I like it. I think I will stay :) Be safe! Tracychele