Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tagged and Awarded

Earlier this week I was blog tagged for the very first time. Yesterday, I was reading over the comments from a day or two ago and I got an extra special surprise. I had been given this award by Joycee over at Granny Mountain.

She highlighted each person that she awarded in such a special way on her blog. She used the Proverbs 17:22 verse for me. I loved it. Thank you so much, Joycee.
As the recipient of this award, I'm asked to list some things I love. Well, I'm very much into vacation mode right now. So I'm going to list seven things I love to take on vacation with me. That's not exactly playing by the book, but I hope it's okay.

1. I thought I might love to take this new straw hat to the beach. I bought it at Target the other day in their dollar section. You know with these tough economic times, though, they've added a $2.50 section to their dollar section. This hat cost $2.50. Too bad it's made to fit a Barbie doll's head. I would've tried it on in the store, but I don't like trying on hats. In fact, I don't even like wearing hats and I really don't even know why I bought it other than it has a pink ribbon and I guess that caught my eye.
2. I'm soooo going to love using my new his and hers beach pillows that I also got at Target in the dollar section, but not for a dollar. Honestly, y'all, I don't know who Target is using for head models. Even these pillows are small. They'll work though.
3. I love taking way more reading material than I'll possibly be able to read. I'm taking two nice size books and two magazines. I have read two books in a week on vacation, but I don't know. It just depends on how good the people watching is.
4. Oh, and here's a definite love of mine. Swimsuits. I love swimsuits. I mean, I don't like wearing swimsuits. And I hate how I look in a swimsuit. But I love swimsuits. And I love to take a lot of them with me on vacation. I don't like to wear the same one two days in a row. Or if I come inside for lunch or something and change, I don't like to put the wet bathing suit back on to go back out. Thus the need for many swimsuits.
5. My faithful know this one well. I love this accessory 365 days a year. I'll probably take a few pairs of these and a few pairs of nice sandals (although at Tybee we don't dress up that much) and my tennis shoes. But I won't leave for the beach without the shoe love of my life.
6. I love my new beach bag that I got at Rite-Aid for $10. It's big and roomy and has nice inside pockets. The cute flower pin on the front is something I got from Jeff's Aunt Kay after she passed away. I loved it, but wondered what I could wear it on. I visualized it pinned on a cute raincoat. Y'all know I don't like rain, so I thought it'd make me feel sunny with such a cute pin stuck on it. I do love it on my beach bag though.
7. I love suntan lotion. I like Hawaiian Tropic. I think it smells so beachy and it makes your skin feel so nice. I'll be stuffing lots and lots of different SPFs in my beach bag.
So that's it for my seven loves. Now I pass this award to some of my daily reads. I hope that y'all will visit each of them. They are all different and all special. I promise you'll want to visit with them often.

First there's Jenna.

Then Jeni, who I think may live in my hometown.

And the very talented Jen. jen

Leigh, that I wish I lived down the street from.

Tammy, the sweet Nana.

Joyce, who takes the time to post more pictures than any other blogger ever.
Kimberly, who gave me my very first award.

Jill, who is an amazingly creative blogger.
Theresa, who coincidentally is also my aunt.
I got all caught up with my work today. I'll tie up a few loose ends tomorrow and then my desk will be all clean. That doesn't happen very often with my job and it feels so good. And another bit of great news is that I got a housesitter. My sweet Auntie Brenda is going to take care of things for us. I'm so thankful that she was willing to do it. It's a blessing to have someone actually in the house when you're gone. In years past, it never failed that when we were gone on vacation some calamity would strike our house. One year our freezer went out. We opened the garage door to the smell of thawed out fish. Mmmmmm. That was nice. One year we had no rain whatsoever and the guy we had asked to water Jeff's garden and my flowers didn't do such a great job and everything was dead. It's just better to have someone here. Smokey and Bandit were dancing in the street when they found out. Especially Bandit. She was really worrried about her vacation arrangements.
Today's Nan's b'day. Happy birthday, Nan! If I know you, I know you've done it up big and you'll celebrate it till Sunday.
Till tomorrow.


Theresa said...

Thanks for the award:) I will be happy to list 7 of the million things I love. Love your bathing suits! Not much of a hat lady myself, I always take a goofy looking visor. Not the squeezzy kind because they give me a headache:) I am glad you got in touch with doublegranny about house-sitting! I wore my flip-flops like yours just today! Love you bunches!

suzanne said...

Well, those are some pretty swimsuits, I must say! I'm so jealous you're all caught up and getting ready for vacay!

Cindy Lou said...

You can never take too much stuff! And and Suz told me what I forgot there are stores here and I can go buy it! I am so excited for you going on vacation!! I am loving mine! And Granny is beside her self getting to stay at your house next week...she said "I will feel like I am on vacation!" You could not have a better house sitter than her! Have a great day and I love you!

NanKelly said...

You are so smart Kelly! You should really write a book. I love all the things you gave me. I am about to go shopping here in a few. Y'all have a wonderful time in Tybee. I wish I could have gotten Friday off and driven down there. We will miss you both!!!

Jill said...

Thank you so much for the award.
This inspires me to keep posting! :)

jennifer said...

Thank you for thinking of me! You are so thoughtful.

Swimsuits! How wonderful that you like them - they scare me to death. Too much me and too little suit :)