Friday, June 26, 2009

Three Heel Clicks

Today and tomorrow and that's it. We'll be heading back home after that. Home. Home to my bed, my blankets, my washer and dryer. Home to eat fresh tomatoes grown in Jeff's own garden. Home to see my mom and dad's new carpet. Home to give Bandit a doggie treat. Home to watch Smokey sleep in front of the fan in the garage. Home to swim in MY pool, that I know is oh, so clean. Home for Ross to start a new quarter of school and Cam to work at Food Depot before starting his junior year of high school.

Life at the beach is great. All the sun, the ocean and sand. Seeing my boys doing what they love, Jeff and me staying on the beach till 7 o'clock, just relaxing, sweating through the hottest part of the afternoon to be rewarded by the cool breezes of the late afternoon. Having a great dinner at a new place. Watching dolphins jump and swim. Reading a book anytime I want without feeling guilty I should be working. Just enjoying the small-town feel that is Tybee Island. Yes, indeed, life at the beach is great and I love it.
Life at home is sweeter.

Till Sunday, when I'll slip on my ruby red slippers, give them three heel clicks and say the magic words, "there's no place like home."


suzanne said...

It's fun to leave, but it sure is great to get back, too! I'm getting like my dear old Dad when I go to public places and get grossed out! What am I going to do? I don't want to be like that, but the Howell gal in my won't let go. I really am so glad the boys have been able to fish to their hearts content, mainly because I know it makes you so happy :0)

Theresa said...

I know exactly what you mean! We will be leaving on Sunday and will have a ball I KNOW but it is always good to come home! We miss you but thanks to blogspot we still get to keep an eye on you:) Love you bunches and have a safe ride home!

Laura said...

Home sounds good and the beach sounds good-

Isn't life grand?



I love going home after having been away. I will be in San Diego next looking forward to is a conference...but looking forward to coming home too. Strange...but great we have those choices.

Anonymous said...

I understand...I love to go, but I love to come back!

Oh..btw, I have a new blog site (used to be Southern Mom).

wendy said...

That picture of you and hubby on the beach is AWESOME. What a wonderful holiday it sounds like you are having. I am so behind on everyones, blog, but things have been hectic for me. sometimes, though, no matter how great the "get away" HOME is best.

nan kelly said...

I read what suzanne said about getting grossed out in public. I am that way you well know Kelly kelly. I know y'all had a grand time, but it is alway good to get home and back in your own bed. We missed y'all. next week is another awful week for the nanster : ) i am looking at Kiawah island for a retreat. the rooms are only 525 a night. So that's out!!! i love all your pics.

your sister-in -law


Lisa said...

Blog hopping this morning. Love your name! I want to know a girl named Kelly Kelly.