Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today's post comes to you from the Land of Oz where I'm sleeping and dreaming about all the projects around my house that I'd like to do. The problem is time and the lack thereof. Some of the projects really need doing, others fall into the want to do category. With me, though, needing and wanting are often equally important. Especially when it comes to home projects.

If you read my blog, then you know when I do a list I don't put it in any order. My mind just doesn't operate that way. One thing's just as important as the other. So here, in no particular order, is a list of the home projects that I need/want to do.

1. Rearrange my office. Really what I'd like to do here is move my office to the extra bedroom that the boys use to watch TV. It's a lot bigger. I spend so much time in my office. I need more room.
2. Bathe the dog. She loves to hang out with me in my office. And wooo, she needs a bath. Poor thing. The breed she is I guess just smells so froggy. Maybe bathing your dog isn't a project, but bathing mine is. She HATES it.
3. Clean the carpet throughout the entire house. If I were to tell you that my carpet is 15 years old and has never been replaced would you be grossed out? We clean it regularly and I vacuum it all the time. It looks good for carpet its age. The carpet cleaner man can't believe it's as old as it is. I can believe it. Sometimes it feels like a furry animal coming up out of the floor attacking me. It feels like that now. It needs cleaning.
4. Do SOMETHING with my dining room. I don't know what. But. . . when I get back from my vacation, I'm going to be doing something with that eyesore of a room. I think I'm going to paint my furniture and paint the room and paint the chandelier and paint -- well, I guess that's all I can paint in there. Oh, and I'm getting new curtains or something too.
5. Clean out our basement. This really falls into Jeff and the boys' category. I hate going into that dungeon. Especially in the summertime when it's all musty and damp.
6. Paint the table in my foyer. I got this very old desk-type table from Jeff's aunt Kay's basement. I've painted it, but I don't like it. It needs something.
7. Figure out how to use Photoshop Elements. I think after I've gotten that figured out I'll be able to do brain surgery.

That's enough for now. That's more than the spare time I have.

My tooth is feeling much better. Thanks for the well wishes. It was no fun, for sure. I've decided to put off the implant until after summer. The boys have to have their wisdom teeth removed this summer, so the ol' wallet can only stand so much. Hopefully, the cement will hold. If not, well, I'll just be the toothless court reporter. Maybe I'll get lots of clients because people will want to get a laugh. Kinda like a circus act.

We've got cucumbers coming out our ears. Once they start, they come like crazy. I need to make some pickles or something. I made sweet pickles like you use in tuna a few years ago. I added some green food coloring just to make them look pretty. I used too much and they looked like something from outer space. Suz said they tasted good though. I think she just said that so my feelings wouldn't be hurt. She only took one jar.

Till tomorrow, from the Land of Oz, LLL.


Theresa said...

Hi funny lady! We were talking about you at breakfast and how you make us laugh. I am trying to get Foo Foo to get a computer so that she can enjoy our daily blogs! Anyway, if you need help... let me know. It is always more fun to work on other people's lists than your own. I certainly have a list at my house a mile long. Call the doggy wash people, I think some will come to your house. Pass some of that stuff on your list to someone else:) gets it done quicker if you share the list with loved ones:) Love you and have a wondermous day!!!!!

Theresa said...

Oh yeah, forgot to say "I love your new background"!

Laura said...

You are a busy, busy girl. I think I am going to make my list of the million things to do also.

The only hot pickle advice I got was to put jalapeno juice into a jar of ready made bread and butter pickles. How easy is that.

I have a feeling though you plan to do the real thing. I am a fake hot pickle maker.


The Southern Mom said...

I'm so glad I clicked over to your blog! I've been so busy cleaning and organizing the I forgot I was boiling potatoes and eggs for potato salad...the pickles reminded me! Potatoes boiled dry, eggs were okay :)

I've been wanting to try Koolickles (Kool Aid pickles!)Everyone says they're really good and really easy. Aound here they're bright red 'cause they use cherry kool aid. Maybe an aquired taste? Sweet, salty and sour all at the same time.

Joyce said...

I really love the picture of you two rather than the toes. You guys are so nice looking.

suzanne said...

Those pickles were GOOD girl! I ain't gonna tell they were if they weren't. I'll certainly take some more when you get them ready.
Love you bunches :0)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I came over from Southern Mom. Great sense of humor over here. I remember a funny cartoon similar to yours, about computers, below. It said, "Windows? I'll show you windows." Of course you can guess the drawing that followed...a man throwing a computer out the window. Hee-hee. I've been so tempted before!